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    Affected posts are by Brite / Dr. Minty Fresh / HeCooksPattiesAndSellsThe / Catalystl / ilikebreadtoomuch / Draco / minecraftstorymodefan / Extra Life / darkruler9229

    Affected posts are in threads Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread / CS ~ Encore / game opens in 1080, occupies only the top left corner / Friday Night Funkin' / Bluebot Requisition - DEMO / Show us your desktop / Cave Story Season 2 / gacha cave story pics / Cave Story with XBRZ filter / Project Ampersand


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  • Hi, i'm Nuclearminer. I've been lurking on and off around multiple websites (not including this one) since around 2012, and just recently started actually joining in the fun. I like plenty of games, just nothing too realistic-simulation-y. More related to the forums at hand, i've only ever been able to beat the Sanctuary in easy mode, coming close in normal mode (died to the last phase, slammed my face into my desk).
    Hello nuclearminer66, I’m MisterDestroyer but you can call me Hex and welcome to the forums!
    Here, you can talk ‘bout cave story(cs for short), you can try your hand at modding or orgmaking and overall, just have fun(and don’t be a dick)!
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