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  • Ah, good to know. There are certain things with modding that get repeated many, many times, and that is one of them. However, the next release of CE is going to have that bug fixed so I won't need to moan about it for too much longer :]

    And, I saw those. They do look better than before. Not perfect, but definitely better.
    Okay so here are some fucking tips you should fucking listen to so you don't end up like sixtyseconds.

    Type properly so people can read it. I haven't been able to read half your posts.

    You aren't the best user here, stop acting like you're a badass like Fire said. You are a user of the forums and have no proper place here until you learn the basics.

    Now you can become like Voidmage Lowell, Sixtyseconds, and Merlinoboy or learn what is proper here.

    PM me if you have anymore questions.
    "Current Activity: Reporting Visitor Message." Do you really think you're such a badass?
    Yeah, I see you "reporting a post." Dude, just because you think you're right doesn't make you any less of a faggot. If anything, it makes you more of one.
    Yep, that's pretty much it. My advice would be to keep two copies of the graphics - one regular size, to work on and test the mod with, and one 2x, to be applied when it's finished.
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