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    Which is the hardest boss in Cave Story?

    First Balrog is definitely the hardest boss. First few seconds after the battle begins he speed up himself to the sonic speed, and when he catch you - he beat all the shit out of you. And this is his regular attack! When he absorb enough power he jump into the sky! But then, his landing causing...
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    Cave Story FanArt

    Draw moar! Love clear pixel art instead of sh:pignon:t I drawing.
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    New screenshots of Cave Story 3D

    I hoped, that wii version of Cave Story music was the worst thing Nicalis can ever done with Cave Story. Now I even don't recognize old damn levels! And you know what can be even more bad than this level design?^ May cause RAGE or something like that.
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    Eh, i beat this game a veeeery long time ago. Also, is there a guy (or not actually a guy) who beat at least one of "Remar games speedruns"? (I don't actually know what is name for that, because i cant even remember last time i played Iji)
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    Show off your org music...

    Is there any remake of a rock song? I think i going to do one - Here the original -
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    Requesting download link to Legacy Story

    You still need link for LS? I have one.
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    Animated facepics!

    2Cyn: Post a demo plz. Want to see how it works.
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    Cave Story Functions List

    Whoa... Nice... Good job, even if this useless for me (or not?)
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    Thank you for music!

    Thank you for music!
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    Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread

    So how to edit text colour?
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    Project 1108

    New errr... Facepic?
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    Project 1108

    I increase some of these to increase bullet speed, so it would be easy to edit this again. I also want to ask, do you want that this mod contains assembly hacks? (Finally super mega almighty Noxid made a post in this topic. Waiting for Gir.)
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    Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread

    Yay, that works. Thanks Carrotlord!
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    The Witching Hour

    More than music and graphics in mods i love only assembly hax. Good job man!:D
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    Project 1108

    Errrr... About assembly... The hack is make bullets of polar star moves faster, so if change that, it will contains no assembly hack. There no any other hacks 'cause i dont work with assembly too good:D