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    I don't think there are other sections in the credits to check, it should be the tester section right? I don't see your name there :/
    Maybe you had to submit a bug report? Although there was at least one name in the bug reports I don't see in the credits. You helped with the testing? Maybe I could try to get Tyrone to add your name to the next update, if you haven't asked already?

    You like Christopher Lee...? What?! That's me! (yeah the name, the name lol)

    Perhaps a little insanity keeps the world interesting :D I guess it all makes sense now... Example : I remember this one shooter game with various clan groups. In this particular group, Reservoir Dogs or something; each player chose a color for their name. ^RD>Ms. Pink, ^RD>Mr. Green, ^RD>Mr. Black etc...

    ...For some reason I convinced them to let me be called ^RD>Mr. Infinity
    (all the colors at once or so I reasoned! Thinking back on it glad they didn't call me Mr. Rainbow or something.... ><)

    Sera Atma... (full name Seraphita + I added the last name Atma)
    It's a name I used on the game Guild Wars a few years ago lol (Originally from the game Digital Devil Saga). I knew there was a reason the name seemed so familiar! :orangebell: <3 @ Sera

    I tried to catch on to the other half by reading about Seraph on wiki ... Don't think it helped, but one instance of Seraphim caught my eye... they were described as "dragon-like angels".

    Oh yeah and FFL. It wasn't a very remarkable game, but maybe timing can be everything. If I hadn't played that game at that time, (or even just missed that item) I might have chosen a different name, and life would have taken a different path; just by doing something as seemingly inconsequential as that.
    Thanks, and yes! It was a peaceful holiday... When I'm there I kind of wish those days would never end... My favorite spot in the world wouldn't be the same without everyone coming to the same house, even if I do enjoy the quiet hours...

    Ah, well as long as people such as yourself can like the name Christopher, then I can too >< lol

    Atem... another very interesting name... Can I even think of another person with a more interesting name? ...
    Royalty from a foreign land perhaps? One of those palace hedge gardens just there; out your window? "Milady, your friends have arrived." "Show them in! I'll be right down!" ^^;

    Okay, I'm insane. xD

    MetaSeraphim... meta angel? About angels? Beyond angel? Something like an angel? An angel that's out there? Hmm...
    Thanks for telling me about your name/username; I think that must be a unique way of making a username, it worked so well too!
    (Wait that's only half the story? *drool*)

    As for "X-Calibar" ... (I have an issue with spelling names correctly.)

    I played an old game called Final Fantasy Legend; and there was this sword in the game called XCLBR...
    Old man : "Did you come from the tower?"
    PartyMember1 : "Yes, we did."
    Old man : "Then this is for you."
    You get XCLBR
    PartyMember2 : "What is it?"
    Old man : "I was told to wait for a hero from the tower. You have finally come and I have fufilled my duty."
    I guess something about it must have resonated with me. I mean I don't have a love for the Excalibur and King Arthur. Why did I choose this random name to use as my username for all these years?
    Why didn't I correct the spelling when I found out I had it wrong?

    Dunno, but at the very least the mispelling makes this name a bit unique lol

    PS I've seen lots of commercials for Yu-Gi-Oh, but never watched it...
    And my name, is the top one.
    ... really? Well, it's a truly beautiful name. You're so lucky D:

    argghh, wish I knew the right thing to say...
    Well, it's only fair that I give my name then... (not that you want to hear it! lol)
    My name is ...Christopher... It's a boring name, worse yet; being known as Chris. Nice to meet you xD
    Ah well, anyway:D happy thanksgiving to you if you're in the US
    Ah, sorry poorly written sentence...

    What I meant was :
    "I was browsing the forums at random, and saw some posts by you, MetaSeraphim"
    "For some reason, that name that I thought of the other day kept popping back into my head 'Seraphina'... ah, then I saw the name MetaSeraphim ... Seraphim ... Seraphina? Aha! That must be why I thought of the name!"

    Err, feel free to ignore my weirdness ><
    Do you mean real names?

    In any case, you didn't mention a first or last name in the post (or any post I've read) :p I just made up the name, and was wondering what might have inspiried it; since I've never met anyone with that name before. Not, that it is your name; if it is lol

    This might sound odd, but I like to make up names. For some reason, I kept coming back to the name Serafina. I thought it was a little odd... Then today I saw a post by you and said Seraphina ... and looked at the name MetaSeraphim... Ahhhhh, So that's who inspired the name xD

    Strange, pointless, but true! lol
    MetaSeraphim;143811 said:
    X-Calibar, have I told you I love you lately? Because I do.

    Anyway, this thread mad me a little sad. Getting games for free from other people on your Birthday and Christmas, what a fancy thought.

    Ahh, it's always nice to hear someone say that~
    love you tooooooooo :p I wish for something good to happen for you in return

    Smile, smile, smileeeeeeee :D
    It's hard for me to quantify, but something about the way you post and your overall demeanor on the forums I find very unsettling. Implacable.

    Maybe it reminds me of my stepfather.
    I would like to notify readers of Cave Story 2: Rise of the First Son, that I am starting it up again, and I have told my family to remind me of it everyday whenever they get a chance. I have even made an outline, and would like to say sorry for acting the way I did.
    Happy birthday!
    And congratulations again on the elixir of life, allowing you to stay forever at the fresh young age of 99
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