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    Evil, evil Mario game clone

    I say IWBTG is harder.
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    Cave Story Officially RELEASED for WiiWare

    I don't see what your crying about. If you don't like the new music turn on the old music.
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    CS: Online

    Heh. I hardly post here. Anyway... keep it going. Remember to back up your stuff, or this will go down the drain.
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    why was cave story article previously deleted?
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    So, should we make a article for a non hacking thing?
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    Browsers sons in Mario

    HOW DO YOU THINK BOWSER GOT HIS SONS AND DAUGHTERS IN MARIO? Heh. I say Browser played a game with Peach while she was kidnapped. And for the record:
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    Cave Story on Xfire

    Cave Story won't with xfire for me. Both original and translated.
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    Amusing Game Advertisements

    Not a video game ad, but whatever. edit: oh, sorry. I didn't notice when this was made.
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    "Pokeballs" Jokes

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    Deaths in games that make you feel stupid.

    When I finally got past the spike corridor in IWBTG, a gravestone fell over and I died. As you can guess, I was pissed.
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    I started writing a fanfiction

    I made two fanfictions. "Before it happened" and "The new crownholder" anyway, I will read yours... soon... edit: I refuse to read anymore of it since it is dumb. Main character as one of those killer robots? Curly as a killer robot? THE DOCTOR AS A MIMIGA?
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    Name suggestions for the Cave Story Wiki

    Ah. BTW, the other wiki used to be worse - the king's page was 'The king is the leader of the mimigas.' I'd say it's a work in progress.
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    Cave Story Flash Project

    Let's see... *Picture of main character on the ground. The antenna on his hat is shaking* Kazuma: "Sue? Sue! Where are you?" *Return to picture of Main Character* *He wakes up and screams* *He gets up* Main Character: "Where am...I? Who am I? How did I end up here?"
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    Name suggestions for the Cave Story Wiki

    Wait, I just noticed it's only about hacking/modding mainly. Cave Story Hacking Wiki?
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    Name suggestions for the Cave Story Wiki

    This comic from tale of the cave is worth pointing out: