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  • uhhh why don't you use the spacebar trick?
    between words or word and punctuation you can put as many spaces as you like that each count as a character, but it auto-shortens it to one space, and it counts as 10chars.
    Like this.
    there were 12 spaces between like and this.
    Pixel programmed it that way.
    The entity for booster smoke and the entity for missiles are the same entity.
    BUT it is used one other place.
    The bunny motorbike in Grasstown. When Kazuma and Booster ride it, after a while it makes the noise twice as much, and the smoke appears more often. Familiar?
    Since no other things using that entity were intended to go for that long, he programmed it to do that instead of making a separate entity!
    Mystery Solved :D
    i figured out why the booster clouds go all weird and repetitive when you make the booster unlimited!
    I "forgot" mine at home.
    And now I'm all the way on the East Coast for 5 more weeks?
    What a horrible coincidence!
    I think that you're just partially deaf. :p
    Unrelated: Hayao Miyazaki dubs are the only dubs that I can bear.
    The rest usually suck AMIRIGHT?
    We discussed this when you were over for dinner a few weeks ago. :/
    Also, poor cicadas, why are they so sad :(
    Lol how did you not hear them?
    When I saw that on Facebook my I was like:
    "well, looks like Landon finally went completely batshit insane."
    Which may be true.
    Change your avatar, it's weird.
    Well, good luck with that.
    Since you work with weapons a lot, I'd like to inform you that there's a typo in the Compendium. The bubbler lvl 2 offset is 0x06190, not 0x09190. (maybe I should get off my lazy bum and actually tell Noxid)
    Another weird thing is 0x08230. According to the file, it is both the code for the nemesis bullet AND the spur lvl 1 shot, which is probably impossible.
    Well, it just looks like some randomized velocities being stored into X/Y velocity.
    Interesting... I usually prefer to work with NPC or TSC code, but weapons are alright too. The bubbler fires out so many bullets, there's a lot of potential for a very weird weapon hack.
    Currently I'm writing up some lessons on complex stack manipulation, so that'll be put into the ASM guide eventually...
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