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    Art section.

    That thread is the only influence I have left.
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    Did Noxid send me this song?

    It was probably me.
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    Artwork and Stuff

    It's always nice to go back to basics.
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    "What is your favourite anime?" thread

    While it's pretty hard to pin down one favorite, I've been feeling pretty fond of Shinsekai Yori recently. You're so much better off being in your position. I have watched the first few episodes of so many awful shows and finished so many mediocre ones.
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    general art section?

    It's very amusing to see that thread still lingering on after all this time.
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    Cave Story 64-bit

    Increasing the resolution will generally increase the resolution.
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    I prefer my cats to not be lava.
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    June 14, World Blood Donor Day

    Every healthy person between 18-65 years of age Welp.
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    A sad, sad tale.

    I'm surprised that no charges were pressed, especially given that those who had sex with her and took the pictures could be very easily charged with rape and child pornography.
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    Mojibake Fixing

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    Anyone here play League of Legends?

    Dota 2 is a much better game.
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    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! <3

    Nice to see you back, Ryuuotan.
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    National Windsofwinds Day

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    Your health/fitness regimens.

    Fitness: I have a single weight that I sometimes carry around when bored. Diet: No Gluten/Casein. I eat almost exclusively rice, general fruits/vegetables, and meat. Metabolism/Weight: I have to eat a lot to not lose weight.