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  • i still like your game about curly brace
    Curly Brace's Story is still one of my favorite mods. And holy cow I didn't realize that Kaeso is 33 now.
    i dont even have the link to download it anymore
    i just remember it being one of the few mods that gave that weird sensation
    somehow made really well
    Most MODs are just okay. There are only 2 mods that I've found that I really like. That would be Curly's story, and Schizm. One thing you might consider is building a "world map" for reference to your maps in your game. Most mods tend to have just one "straight path." You start at one end and you finish at the other end. It's more fun having a bunch of areas in the game intertwined. Most of the better games I've played have more of a "spider web" design, linking different areas to each other. It makes games more interesting and fun to play.

    If you don't mind, I'd rather keep in touch via email. I check mine every day, but I don't come here as often.

    Do you run Vista? I always have a problem getting Sue's Workshop to save a MOD. When I try to run the MOD, it says it's "not a valid windows 32 application." Do you know of a way to solve this problem? Also, I'm trying to use Sue's Workshop to translate Hack 9 into English. But it won't open it. How can I translate it? How did they translate the original Cave Story?

    yes, I "like" to use "quotes" al "lot."
    I love your MOD. I'd like it if you'd keep me posted on new updates and new releases. I'd also like to know how you get out of that area past Omega without drowning! :D
    -Brian (brianbdm)
    Koki Kariya. It's a Wonderful World/The World Ends With You.
    And that's not a lollipop. It's bean paste.
    Thats friggin awesom. i like to fantisize how i rule every corner of existance
    That's all fine and dandy, but all I get is a small amount of information on custom avatars. If I try to uncheck the "Do not use avatar" option, nothing happens. BTW, thanks for the help so far :D
    Why wouldn't I want to hear good news? :s
    And congrats, I shall hopefully be (gaining employment and) following suit.
    Maybe a quad-core. x3
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