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  • Eh, more or less (to both questions :p)

    Oh and btw, I'll prolly have the Final Battle remix done some time within the next week.
    Yep, I'm definitely interested in making a remix for the project. I'm a bit busy at the moment though with homework and some other remixes. But, like I said, I'd love to remix On to Grasstown and/or Running Hell. :) I'll try to get something to you some time this month. ;)
    Well I haven't updated it in a long time, but the mediafire links should be the most recent.
    recreate Strange Room with the Balrog boss battle working. (I recommend you download the latest demo at the Kate Story thread.) I dunno what else maps you should make, so try thinking of map names of your own, and atleast put some stuff in the new maps. Btw, KATE FACE TILESETS, REMEMBER! And remember, the link!
    Hmph. Recreate Strange Room and make it so the Boss balrog works, which in defeating him will make you transport back to Sakamoto Shop. (I recommend you download Demo 4 in the Kate Story thread) Im not sure what else maps you should make, you decide which map names you are going to make and which things you are going to put in it.
    Yes, Kate's face tileset pic... I cant add it for some reason.

    Can you add it for me? (This question is for Kate Story if you edited it now) And is there any changes yet? And the link yet?
    its on your pc already if you have windows. ermm its just paint. start - programs - accessories - paint
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