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  • Whatever floats your boat, niko. (Pun intended.)
    I don't think a bandana that covers your forehead will conceal a weasel that covers your entire face.
    Okay, just checkin'
    Nothing wrong with the chan's, but flaunting your attendance there is lames imho
    Please be a V for Vendetta reference and not a 4chan reference
    Credit where credit's due, however, awesome avatar :3
    Oh laptop went AWOL so i'm not sure if I'm gonna be able to retrieve any of the doctor who stuff that I had been working on :(
    I suppose that's one of the effects of picking an identity and sticking with it

    e: Where was it, anyway?
    jed37;123639 said:

    Look, it's HALDA! What do you think?

    Maybe somebody will make a mod based on it now!
    Maybe if you ask nicely I'll make Annachponae or even Miakid!
    YOU ARE GOD. Could I use this for Misery Story? I'm planning on having you meet every Crown holder!
    I am starting to design the inside of the TARDIS. However the problem is that we have to make everything so small. Like the actual machine it only a few pixels high because his hands need to be able to reach the controls. You can barley recognize the actual machine. I think we are going to have to make him bigger... Oh and one other thing. With the Tardis you designed it is quite tall. So you may want to make it smaller.

    P.S. Sorry for spamming your wall :o
    You posted on your own wall xD!!!
    I guess it is the style. But....if you see the other humans in the game they are a lot taller. Like the spikes in game are bigger than the doctor -.-
    Yep Jack sounds good. Although that's I guess where River would be good as well. Because she uses a weapon a lot more than Jack would. Btw did you here that Jack may be returning to doctor who for a bit??? :D Anyway I personally think it would be more interesting to be River (because I already edited Curly hahhaaha) Although they are both good.
    I'd prefer to go with the tenth doctor, seeing as that's who I based the sprite on haha. And eh, he is a bit short, but that's the standard player-character height haha. Either way. BTW I like the whole second-character with real weapons idea. If we're going with the tenth doctor, maybe we should make the alt-char Jack Harkness. And maybe replace Curly with Martha Jones (as a torchwood agent)? Als
    Oh one other thing. Should we make the doctor taller? Carrotlord made that sprite hack for me. We could use that? It's just that the doctor looks quite short. Up to you.
    I have done some stuff. I was thinking that Curly = River Song. This means that you could be able to play as two different characters. Yes? You could use proper weapons with River. Anyway...listen to this. You have died. Do you want to regenerate????? WHOOOOOO :D Sorry I just got kind of excited when I thought of that. :D When I get some more done I will send it to you.

    I will get some ideas down for a plot. Maybe I will make a thread. So are we going to do the 10th or the 11th doctor?
    Are you any good with ORGS? I'm good with music but anyway... We need to work on the Doctor who theme song - converting it into org.. and the tardis sound. I'll try doing a sonic screwdriver today.
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