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  • So,you stole Misery's laptop eh? nehehehe....Oh Misery! HuzzahToasterSoapBarTime has somthing he wants to show you!
    I saw Shiggy at the end and was like "Oh yeah. That's definitely gonna be my face now."
        ,-r―――、   っ
      ┌ニ二二二二二ニニニニ┐ っ
     /`| :| illlli     illlli :|'ヽ   っ
     l | :| (┃)    (┃): | l
     ヽ.| :| illli  ,へ  illli :|/
       | :|  ili       ili  |
       `-`,―、―― 、'―,― ―
        (__/     ゝ__〉
        | | | | |
         | | | |
          | | |
    I'm making a pokemon emerald mod that contains scary pokemon from internet myths.

    Hate to hijak your conversation like this but THAT SOUNDS AWESOME! I recently did a run through of blue in which I grabbed all the glitch pokemon I could get my hand on, so my question is: Will there be missingno?
    He turned everyone in the kingdom into furries!
    We need a name...
    ~The Furryga Army - a Cave Story Redesign~
    I see. I tried to make a pkmn mod before, but I couldn't figure out how to get advancemap to do what I wanted. =[
    You need to make all the regular bosses (except for balrog) furries. All of them. ESPECIALLY misery.
    Yeah, I heard. What kinda stuff are you doing?
    Oh by the way, a more widely term on this forum used is "mod". Mod makers are "modders". You can use either one, but most use "mod".
    Also for the Blarog happy face I'm totally making it an awesome face for you if you're making that redesign.
    Mimigas are the ultimate extreme of furries.  I think the doctor frequents 4chan, and he decided to kill all who oppose furries. Quote, being a troll, went 'LOL, IM GUNNA PWN SUM NOOBS LOLOL.', and did just that, putting an end to the furry invasion.
    This would be the best cave story redesign ever. Just changing some characters' text, that would be amazing.
    I don't know what he's from but he looks epic and you have to do it.
    He needs more furry though.
    You're still thinking too small!
    Being a blue mimiga with fox and mimiga ears. The WHOLE package.
    Chocolate popsicles are optional.
    Furry Mimigas, man. FURRY EFFING MIMIGAS.
    I've been a furry my entire life. If I could surgically give myself fox ears, I would.

    I need to stop spriting and listening to heavy metal while typing. It's causes brain damage.
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