I don't see much of a point in putting anything else here, so I think I'll just put some quotes here that I've found amusing:
MagicDoors said:
The Beta fight is actually extremely easy once you find a pattern. I usually stay on the right, jump when the roller comes, and shoot down babies when I need to.
wrong, your definition is false.
You are incorrect.
there is too much proof that armors that you get without cheats are not canon and/or are never used again.
My definition is correct.
Ultrasyther said:
I'd be really great at procrastinating if I ever got around to it.
Random-storykeeper said:
If you suck so bad, you must be pretty good!
Captain Fabulous said:
Since this Dung Fighter Online is a perfect storm of everything I don't like, maybe I'll record myself playing it.
IdioticBaka1824 said:
I just found out that running a finger through some carpets make it darker.
Noxid said:
I see all, but I choose to respond to only the shittiest of shitposts
i never thought i'd get shitposted on for trying to convince someone not to literally name their mod after shit
Is this thread where everyone just ego-trips mad balls?
Oct 19, 1996 (Age: 27)
United States
Just a guy who joined this community primarily for the purpose of Cave Story modding.
Favorite Game/Series
In no particular order: Sonic, Rayman, Lego Racers, Halo, Ace Attorney, Undertale, Cave Story



Small mods:
Cave Story mod (10/23/2011) -- Test
FOM Tutorial (2/16/2012) -- Tutorial
Cave Story 2 (4/1/2012) -- Good ending sequel
Tile Animation Test (6/19/2012) -- Test
WAHAHA Story (CS+ port) (5/14/2013) -- Mod of epic proportions
Lords of the Crown (11/22/2013) - Mod of epic proportions