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    Sing your own favorite song! :D

    Oh, yeah, I can do that. This one I'm pretty sure no one's gonna get it (crimison and clover, over and over) Our house in the middle of the street why did we ever meet? Starting my rock and roll fantasy Don't jump, don't let start Why did we ever part? Kick-start my rock and rolling heart...
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    Cave Story Officially RELEASED for WiiWare

    Thing is, there is and a lot, thanks to the freakin' FCC. Yeah, I REALLY understand what you're saying. Take for example, Jay Leno. I really hate the guy! Honestly, why, why excluding such a great name as Connan O' Brien for that pile of turd? He's not funny, he's so rich that, this is just a...
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    ///soUldier\\\ - the new CS mod

    I played both tale of the broxxus and jenka's nightmare. I think they are the best mods. Mainly jenka's, because although jenka's takes a lot from the original CS, it had so many puzzles and stuff and it was balanced when it comes to fun/difficulty. That is hard to achieve comparing to other...
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    Program that converts MID or MIDI to ORG?

    There are many audio convert programs throughout the internet. I just don't think they do that. You can still search though. But I agree, it would be a very useful tool specially for someone making a mod for CS. Someone's gotta make this idea take off!
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    Mysterious Hacks Game (Nerds Only!)

    Actually, this looks like a pretty interesting thread for someone who's experienced in mods and HEX editing. Might get some interesting and funny results. But... I'm not a nerd. I'm sorry but I won't be posting on this thread. But I'll be watching what happens.
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    The Wish-Granting Game

    Granted. You will not vomit but you won't be able to poop, nor to pee. So, after some time your body explodes like a cannon of blood and guts, and pee, and all the stuff... I wish to be a death scythe (Soul Eater reference)
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    The video-game. Real fun, lotsa laughs.

    Nice vid. 7/10 It's funny but it's not hilarious, Caaaaaarrrrrlllll!!!! okay, my turn! I'm a tell you not to try this at home. Of course it DOES look infinetly cool. At the time this vid got out I lolled. Lolled hard.:D
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    The Wish-Granting Game

    What? That way it's not funny anymore! Because of you this thread might die sooner. Okay, I finally grant you a soul and you don't get to go to hell. Happy? I'm not. I wish to be successful with ladies Besides, I didn't ask for nothing in that post. So, your wish was granted from the start...
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    NO. There is not a single reference related to the username. Think about it, but doubt you'll...

    NO. There is not a single reference related to the username. Think about it, but doubt you'll find one. What about yours? is it a reference to something at all? It's pretty fancy
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    The video-game. Real fun, lotsa laughs.

    Man, that was................................................................ok, I don't know what to say. I got to the forum first thing in the morning, came to this thread looking for peace and quiet and this guy pops out! Man, now I've got a headache...9/10...
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    You're so addicted to Cave story that...

    You're so addicted to Cave Story that every time you go out you put on your mimiga mask, just hopping to fit in real world society.:rolleyes::eek::confused:
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    The video-game. Real fun, lotsa laughs.

    Laughed a lot Guns don't kill ppl. Uh, Uh. I kill ppl 8/10. The guy rapps like a retarded. Retarded is badass! He has guns Heh... Anyway, if you like that, you'll love this video. Hope the forum enjoys it as well! Sorry, It's VEVO...
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    Sing your own favorite song! :D

    Do you know Andy Samberg? And "The Lonely Island"? Well, these are the lyrics of a song called "Like a boss" The song is very dirty, so here it goes "Mr. Samberg thanks for coming to your performance review No problem So your in charge around here is that fair to say? Absolutely, I'm the...
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    Translation Discussion

    Don't like it. Why the heck did they put Balrog saying "Oh Yeahhh!"? It doesn't make any sense if you ask me. That way he sounds like Kool Aid... Then it would be better if they had turn balrog into kool aid. If not, then they should just let it be.
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    In Loving Memory

    OMG Why did this had to happen, he was still very young... He had kids. HE HAD KIDS! DOESN'T ANYONE CARE ABOUT THE KIDS?!