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    In this Topic we rate eachother's Avatars/Sigs.

    Avatar: Q/291 Signature: F.93A/PPL7W,mns
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    Cave Story 3DS Discussion

    Honestly, I can't say I'm 100% convinced to buy this version of Cave Story. The WiiWare version was a bit...lacking, and this one just doesn't look right to me. I dunno.
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    PSP Cave Story?

    Yes, but make sure you look up a tutorial on how to make your PSP run homebrew games.
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    Cave Story Officially RELEASED for WiiWare

    You can get a PSP port free of charge since someone hacked the PSP and put Cave Story on it as a free homebrew game. In other words: Yes and no. Yes: It was never in the works because... No: ...It has already been made.
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    PSP Cave Story?

    Hmm, now this is a good question... If the Wii Version of CS goes well, then maybe...MAYBE...There will be one, but on the other hand, you can get a free port of Cave Story on your PSP, it's on the official site. In other words: Probably no chance at all it will happen, cuz it has happened...
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    Your favorite quote (saying) in CS

    I prefer: "HUZZAH!" -Balrog from Cave Story All my friends prefer: "TOASTER!" -Balrog from Crack Story
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    This is getting ridiculous!

    MMOs suffer from one of two things: 1. Anime-inspired art that leaves the game looking decent, but doesn't cover the fact that it blows. 2. Simplistic art style that overshadows the fact that the game itself is actually fun. MapleStory, for example, is a good representation of #1. I used to...
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    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    Happy Turkey Day
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    The random ideas topic of doom

    Mr. Saturn story I feel like making a very insane mod with Mr. Saturn as the main guy. No weapons (except till later on where you get a Non-Returning ZoOmErang [BLADE]) 10 HP And loads of funny Earthbound/Pop culture references
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    Artwork thread

    I didn't see this int he forums anywhere, so I thought it might be fun for everyone to show off their artistic skills, no matter what it may be.
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    My Top 5 Freeware Pixel-Drawn Platformer Picks

    It's a mix of both (Mostly platformer), since the point-and-click sections are for keypads and crap
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    Best Boss

    Most Fun: First Balrog fight Why: It was actually very entertaining to see how long you could dodge him for. Most annoying: Ballos Why: ...Hell takes out a majority of your health, why do you think?!
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    My Top 5 Freeware Pixel-Drawn Platformer Picks

    5. Cave Story 4. Yume Nikki (this would somewhat count) 3. 1213 2. Banana Nababa 1. The Underside
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    Cave story Comic

    That comic made my damn day XD
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    Starting a Sue's Workshop clone

    Sounds good so far! Just make sure you actually finish it XD