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  • Hey, your avatar looks sorta down...
    You should try being more like this fella:

    New version uploaded as of yesterday.

    If people suck at platforming, then I might make another version.

    AND, if others think the current version is too easy, then I'd make a 3rd version.

    They'd be called wuss, average (current version, more or less), and hardcore.

    The wuss version would have save points at EVERY place it's safe. At least for the first room. Like, the first jump. The first place you land has a save point. The next jump. The place you land has a save point. Then the next place, another save point. Etc. So, they get an infinite amount of tries on each and every jump. There's no progress lost.

    The average version would have a whopping 3 save points. One at the very beginning (of course) one at the Key, and one before the whole moving block section (you won't know what I'm talking about with that unless you play the mod.)

    The Hardcore version would only have a save at the VERY beginning. This would be for people going for great times, because if you save the game, then close the application, then go back into it, the time gets erased :(.

    So yeah. Anyway, play whats there for now. worst case, hack through it just to see what I put in. Plz.
    I'm upload the new version as I type this. Give me like 10 minutes then recheck the Hell Mod Contest thread.

    (oh btw ur in my credits for showing me entity 149. It's the premise for 2 of my rooms)
    I'm working on the last room, or adding one more. (a boss, with the level 1 polar star. I AM evil, arent I?)

    Also, your mod is only short if you KNOW WHAT TO DO. If not, it takes you a while to figure out what the hell you're doing. I still don't know.

    AKA: Yours is less linear than mine. Mine is simply go from point A to point B, the path between is just very difficult.)
    Hey I'm having a problem with entity 149. I have this whole course that the player has to go through, and the timer is the moving block. If they don't make it through in time, they fall to their death because there's nowhere to land. Anyway, at the end of the map, (ran out of npcs, they just stopped appearing...npc overload?) I have the player get off (they have to or they die) and go through a door. However, when you interact with the door, you hear a text sound (the sound you hear when scrolling through a few characters of text) and then entity 149 (now against a wall) moves one space down and to the right, going through a wall. You keep interacting with the door until the block is off the screen, but get the same result. Is there a command to stop the block, or should I throw a DNP in there?

    (This happened when I was trying to create a vertical trigger to <TRA to a different map as well, so I have no idea what the problem is.)

    Has this ever happened to you? The only thing I can think of is that the CNP is causing an error, because the block is moving, which doesn't make sense. Here's the script, though I don't think there's anything wrong with it...





    I threw the DNP in there just now. It didn't even register, so the event never starts. I checked, the door DOES call the event.

    EDIT: I got the event to sort of work by calling it from head.tsc. I made it event 47 and shoved it in there. I have no idea WHY I would have to do that...but it worked.
    Alright. The entity moves horizontally (0001 (direction) is left or right? or does it just mean horizontal?)
    until it comes in contact with say a wall?
    Oh, yeah! I did. I pretty much got the drawings, cleaned them up, and put it out. I was very excited to share it. It's alright, right? I thought it turned out very well.

    And you, give me a hard time? Don't be silly! I usually have to wait MUCH longer to get things from people that say they'll help me. Weeks, months, sometimes it just never happens. You were fine :cool:
    Yeah, this game is fun :)

    GIRaka is making an english version already!
    I hope it works out.
    I dunno, you're not hitting that button that pops up are you? cuz that means quit.

    I tried hosting a few, but people kept coming and playing me
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