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  • thanks bro, sorry I'm so dead. :(
    on another note, one of the elevators doesn't go down.
    naw, sorry, my brain is fried, and I've halted all work on assembly, even on my own mod.If I make a promise, I prolly won't be able to keep it, but I'll try to work with these again on the weekend.
    progress temporarily aborted doing to insanity syndrome.
    I has a half day tomorrow.

    channel your impatience.
    status = it will take me about 5 minutes but I keep putting it off. :(
    I get lots of free time tomorrow, so I'll work on it then. good?
    heyo, whence do you want the command done by?
    bc I feel like procrastinating.

    also, i need your exe to hack, so yeah...
    I've tried to kill you
    Drugs, booze, and noise
    Tried to forget you
    But I still hear your voice
    The headache getting worse
    I wanna poison you with lead
    Bring a .45 you said
    Get out of my head
    yes because my mod is already done, short, and easy, while you and the others can make more..
    I kinda rush things I think... meh

    so.. when will we see another demo of yours?
    no help from me then :D


    I got that same problem too(text sound)

    there's nothing wrong in your script, I tried it and nothing went wrong?

    maybe you put #101 instead of #0101 sometimes that's the problem..

    wow I suck... I can't believe I already done with my mod.. D: meh

    oh yeah... before I forgot or unless you'll already know this you can make a maximum of 127 maps, after that I got an error... well that's C.E. i don't know about S.W.
    meh, I'm probably the only person who actually uses sue's still, so its fine that you want to switch over. prolly the main reason I've stuck with it so long is that the first few versions were god awful, 90% bugs, and crashed whenever I tried to save. Not a good time. Also, aesthetics is oddly important to me, and ce is fugly.
    You're choice though, I'm a lot nicer of a missionary then gir is.

    also, this
    There are technical difficulties involved with just adding maps.
    Is false, as far as sw goes. At least for me. I generally like starting with a blank exe, but that would be impractical for you at this point.
    eh, it could be a ram overflow.
    how good are you with hex?

    actually, better idea, just hijack another map, such as the egg coridor one, change the musics and tileset and stuff around. should work.
    CE Isn't as pretty as Sue's, and it's got a bunch more buttons. It can seem a little more overwhelming to new users, but in the end it's generally more functional. And I'm sure even if it were to end, they would extend the contest deadline if you asked.
    Are you still using SW? There are technical difficulties involved with just adding maps... for the most part I try to just replace old ones. CE has the ability to "Copy" a map, and that is generally more reliable than making a fresh one (I have a map #95 and 96 in my mod via that method). Let's see... Ah, here.

    00414B20 thru 00414B39 -- Pushes reserved space onto the ram. used for maps, so the higher you set push 80, the more possible maps.

    Hm, well, 80 is 128 in decimal, so that means you can't have more than that without ASM hacks. 95 should not be a problem though.

    I'm afraid I don't even have a copy of CS that's untouched by CE, so I can't even try it out to see if I get the same problem. You might be best going back to lace with this one. However, If you run into any more TSC problems, I would be glad to assist
    yes its only moves horizontally until it comes contact with a wall, and the direction(in <CNP) it will appear, I mean err you can see in my mod(Hell Bullet 1) that the Horizontal block is stuck...
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