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    Cave Story BEYOND

    I remember there is a 2d megaman X fighting game done pretty well on BYOND so, although lightly clunky, 2d sidescroller type games in byond are able to be done well. Perhaps the game could be done 2d like actual CS? it'd probly take alot of work, but it'd be worth it. Plus, if a online version...
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    Need help with miza

    Ok! I finally downloaded miza and it opens just fine. I can edit things freely, but when I save I get this error Run-time error 75: path/file access error. Any way to fix this?
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    What the heck is Balrog?

    good point, plus *Spoilers!* In the normal ending, he becomes a nurse at the camp in the labrynth(sp?)
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    Cave story remake contest!!!

    Where can I find miza?
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    I'm confused!

    Yes, then you find her at the bottom of the plantation in bed. talk to the green robe guy and he'll say how to help her. If you mean you're wondering what happened to her after she drifted off, my guess is she got sucked into a intake pipe and was pushed into the lake, where the wierd green...
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    About Sue and also King's Eyes

    I don't feel like being morbid, but he was taken from the prison before the others and alot of time passed before the battle with the doc. Im sure he's one of the evil mimigas.
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    Sorry, but I need help again.

    nevermind Nevermind, theres an auto-detect/download for the firefox browser.
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    How did you find Cave Story?

    On freeloader, sharkey is one funny guy and I found the link to freeloader while checking out his site.
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    Sorry, but I need help again.

    Hmm, I thought so. Any idea where I can get the symbols for this language? some sites do display japanise properly, but I know theres two or three types of japanise symbols and I only have one.
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    Need a little help

    yay! Annndddd BINGO! The final ending for me :( Thanks for the help, that one trick with the respawning hearts really helped alot, so i could save my life pot untill I got to heavy press. the rest was simple, ballos himself wasn't that tough.
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    Sorry, but I need help again.

    Ok, this time it isn't just with the game. Iv'e noticed alot of japanise on the internet I see comes out as wierd symbols (not japanise ones, mind you.) such as @ and accentted letters, odd trademark and copyright signs, etc. Is this normal or is there something I need to fix this? I noticed...
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    What the heck is Balrog?

    I think he's a toaster but there is one thing im sure we can agree on Balrog is awesome :( Oh and a balrog plushie? that'd rule, post screenshots when its done!
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    Need a little help

    Hmmmm Wow, I did not know that block room trick, thanks! that should REALLY help, because thats where I lose most of my HP. Also, I know cheaters don't win, but I wasn't going for challenge, just to see the final part of the plot :(
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    Need a little help

    I just saw one of thsoe speedruns of hell and'd they even get through let alone so fast?! I can't even finish the level sadly, iv'e tried uncountable times :( is there something im doing wrong? I even downloaded a saved game with whimsy star and spur plus all the health capsules, but...