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  • Hello again c:
    I have made decent progress:

    1. I managed to extract the samples from Org Maker 1, and fixing them (The header of the wave files was incorrect,
    and thus wouldn't load, however I was able to fix that thanks to Noxid)

    2. I debugged OM 1 just to make sure the frequencies were the same (they are, and just like OM 2 they use a intermediate waveform)

    This leaves me one last question before I can finish my work:

    What would be the BEST way to convert the raw wavedata to .wav (more specifically, the C3 frequency?

    Replicating the intermediate waveform didn't work (As i've mentioned in an earlier post)
    and recording the waves in audacity is more than just troublesome. (for obvious reasons)

    My current plan is to split the wavedata up, and then import it into audacity with the samplerate 66816 (C frequency * 2),
    which would result in the desired tone.

    But what do you think? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Aside from that, there's another thing that's been bottering me:

    Octave 2's intermediate waveform is 256 points long. Every wave in the wavedata is 256 bytes long.
    So why is every other sourcepoint used twice, instead of just using every sourcepoint once? It makes little sense to me.
    You said:

    > What would be the BEST way to convert the raw wavedata to .wav (more specifically, the C3 frequency?

    I don't know much about digital audio manipulations. But what you are doing sounds interesting to me. Are you trying to use the OrgMaker sounds in something like a module tracker? I remember playing around with OpenMPT once a long time ago. In OpenMPT, I think you just import the sample and type in its playback frequency value. Start exploring this manual page for ideas of what it looks like: If you're doing something like that then I *think* you might be able to just import a 256-point wave and specify the play frequency is 66816. But I'm not sure. I'm interested, but I don't have time to research it right now.

    I searched through your posts and found this: It looks like you want to use the OrgMaker sounds in FL Studio. You were planning to release an informational post, but I couldn't find it. I guess you're still working on the process. If you're planning to post something on these forums, I'll watch out for it and be sure to read it. If you're planning to post somewhere else, tell me where I should watch out for it, I'm interested and want to read about it.

    You said:

    > Octave 2's intermediate waveform is 256 points long. Every wave in the wavedata is 256 bytes long. So why is every other sourcepoint used twice, instead of just using every sourcepoint once?

    Sorry, I don't know.

    I'm not sure how much of the process is OrgMaker making the choices, and how much of it DirectSound or so on making the choices. I wasn't completely sure my results would be the same on everyone else's computer. But I wrote my results thinking someone else might be interested and confirm they happen the same way on their computer, or find a better explanation that explains both how it works on my computer and works differently on their computer.

    Sometime I might go back to the debugger and see if I can find evidence if OrgMaker is in charge of filling some buffer with "every other source point used twice" or if OrgMaker just provides the 256-point wave to DirectSound. But either way, that wouldn't answer the "why?", just confirm if it's OrgMaker doing it, so it should be the same on every computer and not vary with DirectSound settings or sound card hardware.
    1. Yes, the main point of the extracting the samples and converting them is to make them usable in a Tracker, FL Studio, or any audio workstation, really.

    I figured I'd go for C3 since that's the "normal" pitch in Org Maker.

    2. I never made the post because of I kinda forgot about it, and besides, I want the result to be as good as it can possibly be, so I want all issues answered and out of the way. If I end up making the post eventually I will post it on my profile, and / or I will notify you in a more direct manner.

    3. I'm actually very interested in this issue, however my knowledge when it comes to debuggers and how to look for certain things, etc, is practically nonexistant, and I don't really have enough time to properly learn it at the moment. However I'll keep it in mind
    Helllo :)
    I looked at your notes regarding Pitch in OrgMaker (very interesting stuff)
    Have you ever done any testing with the wavedata from Doukoutsu.exe, since it's different from the OrgMaker one?
    (Org View, OrgMaker 1, and Cave Story+ all use the same Wavedata as Doukutsu.exe)

    I compared them in Audacity, and aside from some minor, but noticeable differences in the waves, they mostly seem to differ in volume
    > You said WAVE100 from CS / BGM is slightly different from OM1

    Sorry if my notes were unclear. I wasn't trying to say that at all. In my sheet, where I have a1* and a5*, the * note represents the transition between the a1 and the a5: "These two are different". All the other note marks in my sheet work the same way, they mark the two items before and after the change the note is talking about.

    > Now I saw a lot of instrument differences between OM2 J and E, so I believe they're named differently? (OM2 J TOM03 = OM2 E TOM01?) I believe that's something you fixed in the translation process, as OM1 TOM01 = OM2 E TOM01)

    Correct. I didn't describe this in the sheet and assumed the reader would already be familiar with it. This situation is always challenging to explain in words. Here are some previous documents and posts where I explain this:

    1. In, open drums.htm, then go to the bottom section that says "More information".

    2. "I'm talking about the sound swaps Bass01/Bass04, Snare01/Snare03, Tom01/Tom03, HiClose/HiClose02, and HiOpen/HiOpen02.":

    3. "some of the sounds (the actual waves that define the sound) are switched to different names.":

    > WAVE100 from OM2 (2.05) J/E are slightly different, so that might be Xaser's "fault"

    From what I remember, Xaser only rearranged the drum resources in OrgMaker 2.0.5 Japanese so the Cave Story drum sounds once again matched their names OrgMaker 1, undoing the sound swaps that Rxo Inverse introduced as described above. Besides this re-arrangement, from what I remember, the resources in OrgMaker 2.0.5 English (Xaser or Bavi_H) are the same as OrgMaker 2.0.5 Japanese, so I guess it was Rxo Inverse who made the slight changes to the wavedata from OrgMaker 1. (On the other hand, maybe Rxo had access to an internal unreleased OrgMaker from Pixel that was in the process of being updated, and it was Pixel who made the wavedata changes? We just know OrgMaker 1 and 2 have slightly different wavedata.)

    > (though I can't actually check if they're different as I can't find downloads for 2.05)

    I found an old download page in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, and Xaser's English zip is stored in the Wayback Machine's archive. Also, the addresses to the Japanese and English 2.0.5 files still work on Rxo Inverse's site and on, they're just not linked anywhere: Music Tools [2012-01-31]

    OrgMaker 2.0.5 Japanese

    OrgMaker 2.0.5x English [by Xaser]

    And my updates to Xaser's English translation still exist on my site (I started from Xaser's version in order to keep the same resource re-arrangement):

    OrgMaker 2.0.5xb English [by Bavi_H]

    > I assume this doesn't apply to OM2 2.10, which isn't listed in the sheet so it's not relevant right now anyway

    When I originally wrote these notes, OrgMaker 2.1.0 didn't yet exist. When OrgMaker 2.1.0 Japanese was released, I think I compared the resources but they were same as OrgMaker 2.0.5 Japanese, except OrgMaker 2.1.0 had new drum sounds added. However, the more I think about it, I'm not sure. (Maybe they just sounded the same to me, but weren't bit-for-bit identical.) If that is important to you, you might want to check to confirm.
    Again, thanks for the answers. I'll take a look at everything, perhaps make my own comparison sheets, and get back to you. Might take a while, but I'll definitely get to it.
    Hello? Got a question regarding Org Maker (2.10)
    I was wondering if it would be possible to modify Org Maker to add a .wav export feature (kinda like pxtone collage, but if possible with a selectable number of loops)
    OrgMaker 2 is made by Rxo Inverse:

    I have just worked on translating it to English and other changes possible with tools like a resource editor, a debugger, and a hex editor.

    In order to add a feature like WAV export, Rxo would have to add it or release the source code so someone else could add it. That kind of change requires the source code and a compiler.
    Oh ok, I see. Thanks anyway
    have you thought about working on cave editor after orgmaker
    This Cave Editor?: <a href='' class='bbc_url' title=''>http://www.cavestory...oad/editors.php</a> ... It looks like it's already in English. What do you mean by "working on"?

    I like simple music formats, like the ORG format. I mostly just read the Music board here. I don't know much about Cave Story editors and hacking. I learned a little about hacking ORGs into Cave Story to help understand how ORGs work differently in OrgMaker and Cave Story.
    yeah, that one

    and I believed you to be a magical code god who could improve editors and whatnot
    oh well
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