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  • and is that quote from WTF Story?
    dont use other peoples sprites.. its just.. wrong.
    please delete that message you wrote (that fail picture attempt) on the bottom of the page.. it makes the page look bad.. and please when you upload
    upload here
    rapidshare is just awful..
    tell me what script you want me to change in your mod and ill export it here..
    so you can change the text..
    also, the modding youve done to the first cave and start point (ive gotten to th first cave but not any further, since you cant shoot blocks that will set you free)
    just made them look bad instead of funny
    i love that mega man computer tho.
    ill redesign the first cave so it will look better..
    hey about your mod.. if you want i can teach you some basic modding or do some job for you if you tell me whats your idea.
    Please don't bump dead threads. If you're looking for an old mod, contact DoubleThink.
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