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  • Your signature was in violation of forum size limits so it has been replaced with a more approriate one.
    I thought that would have been obvious but I guess not.
    You can't until you have 250 posts. (If you make it that far.) What did that have to do with setting an avatar?
    What browser are you using? The major ones have spell check. It's not computer dependent. And for that matter, why is your grammar bad? It it that hard to remember to hold down SHIFT for the first letter of a sentence or to add the occasional comma?
    As for your bump on that thread, that had already been established. If you bump a thread to add new information or content, that's fine, but if you just repeat info already stated, you get into scary-scary time. Oh, and your grammar needs improvement. This isn't a chat room.
    You don't have to greet every new member to join the forums. Just slip it in when you see them post, and you have something relevant to comment on.
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