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  • The irony is that even after asking specifically what ban evasion was you made like five accounts for that sole purpose
    and your previous ban would have expired in like less than a month anyway

    I don't really like that kind of blatant disregard for the rules.
    As much as I would love to think that (considering that your behavior has improved slightly), you can't just make things go away. They just don't.
    Ok. I sincerely hope the mods agree with you on that. Also, I don't approve of people getting, I don't know, frustrated? When they see you used to be cavestorysite.
    Ok. You aren't trying to break rules though, right? You only got banned for multiple accounts(as far as I know.) What was their purpose anyway?
    There are 6 accounts coming from your IP. It's obvious that you're using multiple accounts. These are the accounts by the way:

    cavestorysite's alter ego
    Well well well.. I should have known there was something fishy about you.

    So I'm going to give you like, one chance to explain to me exactly what kind of stunt you are trying to pull cavestorysite
    Good job welcoming a spambot that was already banned
    I'm sure it appreciates it
    It's still in beta testing
    It will be released on Steam in a few week's time, presumably
    Right click -> copy image
    open paint
    paste image
    crop to selection
    look at dimensions

    for reference the one you have now is 258 pixels tall
    12. Locations shouldn't be obscenely long (they stretch out the edge of the page), and signatures must not be greater than 500 pixels in length and/or 200 pixels in height.

    You seem to be having a really tough time with this one
    You put a gif in your sig without even knowing what it was?
    Well that's just plain irresponsible.
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