Uncommon Bond

Uncommon Bond

Blue solidarity! Look at these two they seem to share such bliss together! <3 And the red string probably has some symbolic significance I'm not privy to! (Likely elements of the heart such as love, passion, emotion or warmth. That kinda thing. Might also be that curiously common tradition of red knotted bracelets for spiritual ends.)

Might also be that if I actually read the tags, it'll be clear these two are getting married, and the string likely has to do with that. I kind of had a feeling from that lovely white dress, but good to know for sure. I'd throw imagined flowers as a wish for shared happiness, but they are quite rich in that department!

Something about flower fields is just enchanting, even to mythical degrees for me. They aren't common where I live...or, well, anywhere, I imagine. But I think I've seen exactly one, and if so that was a thin one way off the highway on the road to another country just this last summer! No fair. I'm sure there'd be quite a few bees to make me nervous, but bees are cute and relatively harmless too, if not as easily tracked or instinctively charming as two soft sweeties laying among the flora.

...I ~just realized~ that the Gardevoir is using her beloved's squishy hair tentacle thing as a pillow <3 <3 <3
So Polaris, have you ever found love?
There's a fair chance I'm aromantic, so I've only ever found platonic love, though in plenty of people. As far as I can gather, I'm perfectly content with that. ^_^
That's absolutely fine. I'm know that I'm heteroromantic (and nothing will change this) and that I hope to find a girl who will reciprocate my feelings for her.
But love does take on many forms, even if it can be hard to understand.

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