1. Uncommon Bond

    Uncommon Bond

    Blue solidarity! Look at these two they seem to share such bliss together! <3 And the red string probably has some symbolic significance I'm not privy to! (Likely elements of the heart such as love, passion, emotion or warmth. That kinda thing. Might also be that curiously common tradition of...
  2. Dig In

    Dig In

    Oh hey, accidental bookends with Unwind - it's not really a forest this time, but it's that same feeling in the day. I wish I was this cool, not only reading in obsessive marathons again but reading for /education/ rather than yet more entertainment. The very idea frightens my pleasure-addled...
  3. Unwind


    Forests aren't this peaceful when I have the chance to visit them. I wonder if heading to one in autumn would make the difference, but it's rarely a good idea to rest this way unless you're familiar with the area and sufficiently prepared. Of course, very little is out of reach for a skilled...
  4. La Primavera

    La Primavera

    FAKE TYPE. is great, go listen to them! Or at least only the named song since it's softer and nicer than most of the others. Anyway. Cutes and flowers. :>
  5. Last Days of Summer

    Last Days of Summer

    Fall descends with a slow flourish here. It's quite the mercy to have a grace season for the exiting season's gifts. :>