the biggest two questions ever (the black wind and the reason why quote split from curly)

Oct 11, 2023 at 4:25 PM
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the black wind: we couldn't see anything touchs quote when he enter last cave or hell
cuz he is a robot he could feel something we don't
q (8).png
fumes from machines in mechanic's workshops
q (6).png
causes the place to be dark
q (4).png
note: gero isn't doctor
sasuki the black cat is the doctor
q (9).png
gero fixes machines and robot like in gero blaster
q (3).png
desert room is dark cuz it's the only tight place that doesn't let the light in
q (1).png
dark place is wet and other robots are covered with layers of dirt
blue robot are less developped
q (5).png
wind blows from balcony through last cave
q (7).png
this two room doesn't have dead Robots
unless! it's a joke
due to the level difficulty pixel couldn't beat them himself

[the black wind are from dead robots from pixel's old attempts to beat the hell and last cave]

2) how did quote split from curly
is just broken teleporter :)
q (2).png
this broken teleporter mix mimiga with sue and itoh
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