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Apr 21, 2011 at 1:07 PM
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Expectations Upon Registering

By making an account and posting, we will assume that you have beaten Cave Story fully, and are at least 13 or have an equivalent maturity level. There will be unmarked spoilers regarding the game and, in some sections, swearing.

Arguments vs Personal Attacks

Arguing and debating are allowed, and even encouraged to a certain degree. However, any instances of flaming/trolling/personal attacks or anything else the staff deems inappropriate will not be tolerated and will be dealt with immediately.

Double Posting

Don’t double post in an active thread. There is an "Edit" button on all of your posts.

Spam and Offtopic Posting

No blatant spam posts are allowed. "Spam" is classified any post that does not follow or does not contribute to the current topic of discussion within a thread, or a topic created for seemingly no other reason than to increase one's postcount. Note this doesn't mean you're going to get in trouble for making a joke. The SPOT subforum in the Satellite Lounge is a place where the spam-posting rule is more lax, however all other rules still apply. What is allowed or not allowed is determined by the moderators and admins of this forum.

Off-topic posts are fine as long as they follow the flow of conversation, and the conversation returns to the original topic at the request of the thread starter, or a moderator or admin.

Bumping Posts

You are allowed to bump old threads only providing it is with a post that contributes to that thread's original topic rather than that thread's current topic of conversation (i.e. replying to someone from 2 years back is not cool). In fact it is generally preferred over making a new thread. However, any bumping of threads that do not meet these conditions are frowned upon, and will probably result in post deletion. Likewise, do not respond to dead threads when they are bumped to tell the person in question not to necrobump, since such posts are considered to be spam.

Post Content

Try to include some content in your post. Things like simply quoting a post to show you agree with what it says or posting nothing but an image with no text are not appreciated.

Don't use an overt amount of smileys in your posts, and please use special fonts, colors and sizes sparingly. Fully-coloured posts are not allowed.

Illegal Content

No illegal material, be it pertaining to Cave Story or otherwise. This includes ROMs, illegal downloading of music, hacking the WiiWare Cave Story port (CS+ porting excepted), etc.

Pornographic/NSFW Material

NSFW ( content is not acceptable directly on the board. If you must post NSFW content, link to it and give suitable warning. If you post NSFW links repeatedly and ungraciously you'll be asked to stop, and, should you not stop, you'll be banned.

Thread Placement

Try to put all threads in the proper subforum. Incorrectly placed threads will be moved, and a temporary redirect is typically left to point users in the right direction.


Signatures must not be greater than 500 pixels in length and/or 200 pixels in height. This is the whole signature mind you, not just the images. Use the spoiler tag to restrict the size of large signatures if needed.

Multiple Accounts

Only one account is allowed per individual. Multiple accounts will be banned/deleted. This includes making a new account after being banned.

Ragequit Threads

If you create angry threads that that tells us that you will be leaving the forums forever, or are leaving because you've had it with the forums, do not be surprised if a moderator or admin takes that as a sign to ban you. Most such threads can be counted as attention seeking or looking for a reason to stay, whereas you should only post such threads if you are leaving and have made up your mind about it.

This of course does not apply to calm and collected posts or threads about a short or indeterminably long period of absence.


Don't attack people over their religion or lack thereof and please refrain from trying to push your religion onto others.

Moderator and Admin Decisions

If a mod or admin deletes a post of yours, do not post in a thread asking why it was deleted. Both PMs and VMs are available for questioning moderation decisions. Any such posts or discussions arising from them will be considered off-topic and will in all likelihood be deleted.

Do not restart a thread that was closed or deleted by a mod/admin if the thread topic itself was the reason for its closing or deletion.

The general banning process occurs as warnings -> infractions -> temporary ban -> permanent ban, but the site staff hold the right to skip these steps if they feel it is necessary. 12- to 24-hour bans may also be given out for bad behaviour, and do not require any history of rule-breaking in order to be imposed.

Last of all do not ask if you can become a mod or admin here.
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