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May 18, 2021 at 4:43 AM
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Hello, here is a project I whipped up that re-implements a lot of existing hacks in CSE2, plus more!

## What is ModEngine / TSC Extended
This project is intended to be an enhanced "out-of-the-box" modding solution that contains a lot of commonly used hacks right out of the box.

# Feature Overview:
- MS4, PHY, MIM, CMN, OTR, BBP, NAM, CNV support by default. (Also more not listed here) (Usage/description in the manual)
- Full <VAR support
- Animated facepics using <FAA
- Large animated facepics using <LFA
- Live reload using the "T" key, allows you to make changes in Boosters Lab, then reload them without restarting the game.
- A 2d lighting engine (from RedSands)
- Ability to run TSC every frame, regardless of script state.
- Draw numbers and sprites to the screen/world
- BLink's BUY/SEL hack.
- A .txt file containing some variables that can be changed, like SPIKE_DAMAGE
- <IMG 2.0, draw multiple images ontop of eachother.
- Animated Tiles via <ATT
- Half slopes (not fully implemented)
- Custom (very simple to use) OGG loader for sounds & music
- <BKG
- Widescreen
- 60FPS toggle
- Smooth Scrolling
- PNG & full transparency support
- Removed event ordering, you can put TSC event #1000 before #0050, and it will work just fine.
- & More!

## FAQ:

Q: Where can I find how to use this?
A: The modengine_manual.txt file

Q: Discord server?
A: Just join the CSMC:

Q: Is this CSE2 Based?
A: Yep

Q: Do I need to compile this?
A: Nope, it will work without compiling.

Source code: you can probably figure it out based on the link above

Lighting system in action. Your mod can look like this if you make it in ModEngine!

Large (& animated) Face pics???
BKG hack

Slopes, bug me on discord to fix the clipping issue

3 cion

Drawing the players X/Y Velocity above their head using TSC Extended (Event 9001 & <DNW & <VAR stuff)
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May 18, 2021 at 5:56 AM
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This looks super dope! I'm a bit concerned about it being DMCA'd by Nicalis though, given the base source code for CSE2 being in there.
May 18, 2021 at 6:11 AM
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Thanks, and Eh, I hope since this is a project specifically for modding they might be a little more lax about it
May 18, 2021 at 7:12 AM
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Oh shit, I really wish you had told me about this, as most of the custom commands are from TSC+ Improved, and the current version is, well, broken. That could've been an incentive for me to fix it :(

Edit: For the custom commands, here are the credits for the original versions:
<MS4 - Original command by me/Thomas Xin
<MIM - Original command by Lace, NPC hooks by ZarroTsu
<BBP - Original command by CarrotLord
<CMN - Original command by HaydenStudios
<OTR - Original command by Mint, the command name was coined by me however, as her version still used <TRA. I also had it modified to have the X:Y arguments removed from the command.
<RNJ - Original command by BigBadWoof (personally, I feel this command is already redundant with <RND already existing, and <EVEVXXX would do the same thing).
<FNJ, <VAR set, <IMG, <PHY, <NAM by Noxid (thanks Brayconn for the correction)
<BUY, <SEL, <BKG by BLink
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May 18, 2021 at 9:43 AM
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May 28, 2021 at 1:17 AM
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That is definitely worth giving a shot (I just hope it works on Win XP)
Jun 8, 2021 at 4:59 AM
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V1.2 - Added an option in hackinator.txt to approximate switch-style lighting.

New tsc
<SLLXXXX - (Stage Lighting Level) will allow you to change how dark the blocks are, using 0000 will result in fully dark, 0255 will fully disable it.
Must be used in conjunction with the stage lighting option
<FPSXXXX - Sets the framerate to X
<RFS - Resets framerate to selected (50fps or 60fps)
<ORWXXXX - ORganya Wait, sets the wait time of the current track to XXXX, in milliseconds
<ROW - Reset Organya Wait, resets the wait time of the current track

If ZX_SKIPS_NOD is set to 1 in hackinator.txt, holding down shoot and cancel (Z and X) will skip over the NOD

Oct 22, 2021 at 9:02 AM
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@Jak hel p translations dont work correctly (russian translation)
latest version of tscextended btw


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