Kirbyvania - Kirby/Castlevania mashup - official thread

May 4, 2011 at 3:17 PM
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"Year is the 1691
and the land is at pain.
Demented nightmare,
some call him "Dracula",
is return from his dead.

According to ancient legend,
"Every hundreds year,
"Dracula" will return to spread some suffering".
Nobody remembers,
but everyone is fear.

Bustling of town
has ceased,
the people are afraid of night,
and nobody will dream anything but nightmare.

Everyone is fear...
...really, everyone? No,
not a somebody
with name of "Kirby Belmont",
to stop this issue."​



Dracula, the demented nightmare, is back again! The people will dream nothing by nightmares and the monsters gets nastier than ever... Who's going to fix this issue, if not Kirby?


A game emulating the feeling of the first three Castlevania games for the NES, Kirbyvania features unique gameplay: you can do everything Simon Belmont can, but also everything Kirby can. Flying? Inhaling enemies through walls? Spitting them out at other enemies? Gotcha. With whip in hand and a great supply of sub-weapons to collect and master, you have millions of different playstyles to choose from in your path to Dracula's table.

And did I mention the delicious particle and darkness effects?



Page on the YYG (like youtube but for Game Maker games) (V 1.3)
Download from BOX.Net (ad-free hosting service!) (V 1.3)


Z - Jump
X - Use whip
C - Inhale enemy (down to swallow), use absorbed ability
Space - Discard current ability
Arrow - Move (up to fly)
Shift - Inhale enemy (can be used even when you have an ability)

Enter - Pause
F4 - Toggle fullscreen
Esc - System Pause (use this to quit or go to the title screen)

Game Version: 1.3
Game Maker: 6.1 Pro (converted so that it will run on Vista)
Screen size: 480x272 (does not change screen resolution)
Filesize: 3 205 Kilobyte, plus 10 KB's worth of readme files.
Genre \ Subgenres: Platform \ Platform Action \ Gauntlet Action
Framerate: 60 (well, depends a bit on your CPU specs)
Fangame: Yes
Internal Gamepad system: No
Creates files to save data: Yes, highscore and settings
Number of levels: 18 (6x3)
Number of bosses: 7
Number of difficulty settings: 3



Play and tell me what you think, I appreciate that.


Block 1 - Entrance

Music: Vampire Killer
Boss: Gigant Bat
Block 2 - Graveyard
Music: Shatterhand - Refinery stage
Boss: Whispy Woods
Block 3 - Waterway
Music: Ristar - Lost Palace (round 2-2)
Boss: White Dragon
Block 4 - Castle Walls
Music: F-Zero (SNES): Fire Field theme
Boss: Kracko
Block 5 - Great Hall
Music: Shatterhand - Silo Stage
Boss: MetaKnight
Block 6 - Clock Tower
Music: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest: Normal Battle
Boss: Dededeath
Boss: Dracula

Gameplay video (kinda outdated):

Full Version 1.2================
-Added a new subweapon.
-Darkness effect is polished, using real gradients instead of the current junk.
-Particle effects added for more or less everything, I've taken care to not make them stand out too much yet still increase the appeal of the game.
-ESC won't immediately quit the game; rather it now also gives you the options to resume and restart the game.
-An options screen have been added, enabling you to e.g. turn off default fullscreen and the darkness Night Effect and set desired game volume.
-An intro sequence has been added right after the Disclaimer/Presented By Yal screen. This can be skipped by pressing Enter or Space.
-The game now comes zipped with Credits and Readme files accompanying it rather than being a raw EXE.
-A new cheat has been added.

Previous versions:
Demo 6==========================
- Fixed graphical glitches from version 5 (I managed to do it within 48 hours ^_^)
- Subweapon tinkering: Fireball now splits when it is destroyed, making its hitbox slightly bigger. Beam is fired faster (so that it gets to the relevant part of the screen faster) and deals more damage per hit.
- Fixed exploit: Now it's impossible to push Kracko off-screen and having him stop there.
- Now points earned for the boss-defeat orb is increased the more HP you have left.
- Minor level design improvements: in particular the Bone Pillar at the end of 3-1 now has candles around it to avoid the cheap fireballs in your face as you approach them.

Demo 5==========================
- The entire Great Hall block (Block 5) is complete, featuring classical Castlevania White Dragons (don't confuse them with the improperly named boss in block 3) and... Scarfy. Ends with a pure epic battle against Meta Knight.
- Rewrote the darkness effect from scratch, making it more efficient. Now the game shan't lag on modern desktop computers anymore. Plus the effects look way cooler than before too. This has also forced me to change the title screen layout a bit - the EFFECTS:OFF/LOW/HIGH/VERY HIGH menu has been replaced with a NIGHT: ON/OFF menu.
- Remade Kirby's inhale system. Now you will always inhale the closest enemy, and your inhale range is also increased a bit, most notably vertically. You cannot inhale hearts anymore.
- Kirby won't lose all horizontal momentum when flying and scraping against the ceiling.
- Whip animation has been made faster, but some frames has been repeated to make the animation have the same actual duration. This lead to a little graphical glitch with Kirby's stage win pose (who stops on the wrong subimage), but hopefully I'll be able to fix that within 48 hours.
- Kracko will now flash when he's charging up his attack. This makes the battle a bit less cheap.

Demo 4==========================
- The entire Castle Walls block (Block 4) is complete, having you facing Kabu, Masher and eventually the stage boss Kracko.
- It's now possible to pause the game.
- There's now an option to change sound volume.
- Subweapon balance tinkering: Holy Water and Beam deals more damage (1 more point per hit). Blade hits twice as often (gives enemy shorter mercy invincibility). Hopefully these sub-weapons are a bit better balanced now.
- Added the new ability Fork. Can be stolen from Mashers.

Demo 3==========================
- Block 3, the Waterway is now complete! Including the boss.
- Holy Water will now spout three fireballs instead of one - mainly because the knockback that previously pushed enemies out of the fire before they took significant damage.
- Revised soundtrack. Now the Graveyard has a new theme (from Shatterhand) as well as the boss battles. I've also stopped limiting the soundtrack to Castlevania music.
- A certain cheat code has been added.
- There's now a Very Low effect setting that turn off the darkness effect entirely.
- Tinkered a bit with the stage clear bonus points (time x80, hearts x1500). Still not satisfied.

Kirby series are copyrighted by HAL Laboratiories and Castlevania are copyrighted by Konami. This game is a fangame, not sold for money or any other profit, and neither HAL nor Konami is affiliated with it.
Dec 19, 2011 at 6:57 AM
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This game seem awsome and I would of tried it if not for, you know, the lack of post here? This theard is pretty desolate.
Dec 20, 2011 at 10:42 PM
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You used Google Translator for all that engrish, didn't you? XD I know, stated it's on purpose, but you can't do that much without trying too hard to err XDD Though i was expecting more cough-ups on grammar~

Oh, and what exactly is better to inhale?
All I've noticed is that the whip powerup doubles if you do that, and a bag of money gives the Pay Day subweapon alongside the points, but other than that, nothing else changed