Color Story (V0.3.5)

Dec 9, 2017 at 12:41 PM
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NGL I'm probably not going to make another update for this so I might as well mention this being canceled. My interest in and motivation for CS modding is incredibly low in contrast to a year ago. And even if I get back really into it I probably mostly make an update for Dreams below or just make something small (which is more likely).
I had some pretty ambitious plans for parts that still had yet to come, and I might check back on my notes tonight to update this, but for now this is what i can remember.
The player was to go through another passage before finally restoring the colors. Somewhere after that the mc barely avoids falling into hole, which would otherwise delay them in their progress. If they were able to find the too well hidden secrets though(These were actually way too vague, I'm almost sure nobody found the one in the 'yellow' area), they will fall down and have to get through an extra area or just get a longer version. This matters later on when the mc reaches a room, where they would find someone trying to undo the return of the colors, and get attacked by her. After defeating her, she would explain more about the island and how she was under a spell by the one behind everything, including how the colors had to be sapped away again in order to restore power to the island, however afterwards, she ends up dying. However, if the player were delayed by falling in the hole, the spell on her would be weakened, and she would yield before she would be fatally hurt. Whatever the case the reversal of the color restoration will be stopped, and the island's power starts getting low enough for it to get unstable. After getting out the player would find themself out of the caves and into the castle, where the player finally finds the big bad. Obviously the dialogue would be different dephending on wether the player killed the other person or not, and after that you would get a simple boss fight, which might as well just be a ballos clone.
I dont remember well what would happen afterward though, but if the player got the hidden ending they would have one more boss fight. As I said before, I'll look up the rest later on and update this post.
My own thoughts on this mod and the future plans... well, I deffo feel like I could have done better. Some areas were kinda lazy and 'power of color' stuff now feels pretty cringey to me. Though I'm sure we all have seen worse from modding by now.
In any case, I'm still ever greatful for the support and critism I've got on this, and I feel like this mod is what eventually really pushed me into getting into programming, which I'm currently making career plans for.

I didn't expect to make a wall like this so TL;DR Mod's cancelled, thanks for the support.