Feb 4, 2019 at 9:50 AM
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Cave Story Maker like
Mario Maker and Megaman Maker

Level Editor
Online Coop (Photon) 2-16 characters
who will faster

Playable All Cave Story Characters
Playable Bonus Characters of Another Games.

1x and 2x Graphic

Make on Construct2

this art just Idea.

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Feb 4, 2019 at 12:04 PM
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Is this just an idea you wanted to throw out or is this something you're working on?
I hate to be like this but if it's the first then I can guarantee you that just telling people to make this will not go anywhere at all.
Feb 4, 2019 at 3:53 PM
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I feel this is more of something he's being involved in, the player sprites are deffo his. But yeah, perhaps a link to the actual game would be nice
Feb 4, 2019 at 9:17 PM
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this art just Idea.

It's just a mockup, because making a thread for a mockup is something 12s often do (Not reading the rules).

Elaborate more on what this would have over just modding the game? A chance to see specific enemies in the palettes of different areas? Because that's the only key upside here.
Feb 4, 2019 at 10:48 PM
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something 12s often do (Not reading the rules).
Something that 12s often do more is calling everyone 12 while acting 12 themselves, making themselves look even more like a 12 year old.
Feb 4, 2019 at 11:05 PM
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Something that 12s often do more is calling everyone 12 while acting 12 themselves, making themselves look even more like a 12 year old.
by that logic you;re also 12

wait that would imply i am too oh no

cave story maker sounds like a fun idea if done correctly. i can already envision easy access menus and map making in a mario maker style. good luck on making this if you ever do
Feb 4, 2019 at 11:06 PM
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who will faster?
Feb 4, 2019 at 11:58 PM
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The issue is the same of choosing Mario Maker over Lunar Magic (Ignoring the fact that Mario Maker's only advantage is accessibility)
It would allow people to make levels and whatnot, but aside from that, would be a downgrade.

If you want to get into serious discussion something like this, you'd have to get the hardest part aside first:
Getting the personnel to actually work on it.

Programming sucks more balls than I do somehow and thus, people aren't very willing to do that for fangames without a prebuilt engine.
Mega Maker is an example of the best case scenario for fangames of its type, there is a similar old game called Mario Builder that was made in an older version of the same engine (Or SMBX if you want to go for the more popular alternative) It all depends on what engine you want to use.

Pixel art for something like this wouldn't be an issue as much as the coding, let's say you got the player physics perfectly recreated, you'd still need to make it super versatile to allow the constant editing of stages.

Basic features would be allowing the changing of level themes (Automatically changing the tileset, npc palette, and background) to fit the theme, not all stages match the same format, so tons of corners would need to be cut or tons of new tiles would need to be created.
A major downside to Mario Maker is its simplicity, and that could be pulled off with Cave Story... if you wanted to ignore making all the environments feel as unique and memorable as they did in the original.

Let's say we made a few basic tools:
Place, Erase, Move, and Smooth

The smooth tool would simply exist for creating slopes. There would be tile variants you could place down, the base rocks (which exist in most tilesets),the tiles (Think grasstown or outer wall), chains, support beams, spikes, and death traps. Let's also add background versions of the basic tiles and rocks ontop of it, to smooth things out.

That would take up tons of space, and we'd still have enemies. Here's the basics:
Bats (And their variants)
If you placed a bat on the ceiling it would function like the grasstown ones, otherwise, it could function like the first cave ones.
Critters (And their variants)
They could change behavior automatically based on the area they're in, or by some toggle in the level settings.
Orangebell, Pingons, Hoppys, Butes, Mesas (Could be bunched up with the drool / red devil based on tileset), Deleets, Stumpys, Gunfish, Night Spirits, Midorins, Time Bombs, Dragons, Behemoths, Beetles, blahblah.

That's alot of enemies, but what you could do instead, is have a base set of common enemies, and then a set of level specific enemies / minibosses.

Like Mario Maker, the focus should be more on thinking like a game dev, not like a modder. "What would Pixel do?"

One could make a great CSBD generator, but the first issue is getting someone to make it. I'd be glad to help with pixel art and stuff just ask.
Feb 5, 2019 at 12:37 AM
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Also you could include adding or editing enemy and weapons to make it more interesting.
Mar 17, 2019 at 10:36 PM
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Not sure if there's still any interest here, but here's my 2¢

This "Construct2" doesn't sound like it makes sense for something like this. It looks like GameMaker: already a streamlined rapid development tool for prototypes or simple games. You might try to put together a sorta decent-ish standalone Cave Story clone, but making another, more specialized editor within this type of editor sounds implausible, like just way too many layers of abstraction.

If something like this were to be actually attempted, it would probably make sense to use NxEngine-Evo as a starting point. You'd already have reasonably accurate-to-the-original code for the basic physics, control of the player character, weapons, enemy AI, graphics, sound, etc.

And it can even extract all the graphics resources and ORGs from an existing cave story installation, allowing it to re-use Cave Story's sprites, tilesets, ORG music, etc. without actually bundling them (thereby avoiding the questionable legalities that would come with doing so).

It would still be a lot of work even re-using all of this, but you wouldn't have to totally reinvent the wheel. If we remove the online co-op as a design goal, it "simply" (using that term loosely) becomes a matter of developing an editor that presents a more "abstract"/"high-level"/"user-friendly" interface than existing tools like Booster's Laboratory.

This editor could either output to TSC and the existing map data format behind the scenes, or it could develop its own.
  • Developing its own would require Nxengine to be used and would require significant changes to it to support the new map format.
  • Re-using the old format. This could possibly even be used to make mods that run with the original Cave Story engine, but even then, to get the type of rapid testing that's usually desired from this type of application it would better if the engine were integrated into the editor, which is probably only plausible when using the open-source clone.
I do suspect that a new (or at least altered) underlying map data and script format would be required to get exactly the type of behavior desired for something like this; trying to make truly "Mario Maker"-style behavior work within limitations of vanilla TSC and the vanilla engine might greatly limit what is possible, considering the existing map and script format is designed for low-level editing.

And if this or other significant changes to the base engine are required, then NxEngine-Evo as a base is the most realistic choice. Not to downplay all the progress that's been made over the years in terms of hacking doukutsu.exe directly, but editing actual source code (even if it's C++) will always be easier/more flexible than writing Assembly and injecting it into an existing program.

Once again the limiting factor is that this would still require someone with reasonably good programming skills to put in a fair bit of work. But if you really wanted to do it, I think this approach would make the most sense.

EDIT: I'm kinda sorry for bumping this post (even slightly) considering that it's probably off-topic to begin with in a subforum that's meant to showcase completed (or at least functioning-WIP) mods, but I did feel I had something to say about this.

EDIT 2: Wowie wow, looks like someone is already adding online multiplayer to (a fork of) NxEngine-Evo, called "NetXEngine". Using that as a base, I guess it's plausible this hypothetical new editor could support online multiplayer? I honestly didn't see that coming, even the more "wishful thinking" sounding features of this idea are starting to look plausible. Open Source for the win, I guess.

Of course, there's still the problem of, y'know, actually making this "Mario Maker style" editor, regardless of whatever other features might be reasonable to add to it.
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