A Little Accident

May 4, 2022 at 2:06 PM
Life keeps going, but my temper doesn't.
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The body thumps to the ground in the rainy alley where you and your temporary partner stand, unlike the newly-appointed victim who rests with the rocky puddle beneath him, a massive purple bruise forming against his temple. Your partner lowers his baseball bat, beginning to panic as he glances your way, down to your own baseball bat of equal metal calibre. As if hoping for a lead, he looks around at the rain-concealed area full of trash dumps, confused and horrified. "Holy shit... Dude, was that me? That can't be! I didn't even hit him! Jesus Christ!" He runs a hand through his shoulder-length, sandy hair, flicking some water onto his hands, only to once again step your way with heightened anxiety that turned to anger. He ignores the rain pelting his face and eyes, staring you up blankly. "Anon! What the hell do we do? We can't get the feds, they'll make us eat dirt! You told me there wouldn't be any problems, you damn liar! Are you trying to make me a murderer?!" While he was likely in the wrong, he dropped the bat and raised his shaky hands aggresively - just so that he could turn away and throw them down, loudly declaring a curse at that.

The fallen man has not stirred. His fine suit is sponging up the rain quite nicely, his head not in a great state. Was it really your temporary partner who struck him down? What a deal gone sour.

You are surrounded by rain. The sides of the alleyway recieve very little light aside from lamps that shade any locked backdoors that dot the lines of dumpsters all around you. The alley continues down both directions onto the midnight streets, though the way that you came from behind you is just a short dash away compared to the other side.