A game so good, the laptop can't handle it.

Jan 7, 2008 at 9:54 PM
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ya im using ME. i have the frameskip set to auto for all my games tho. they all run fine. the slowdown on zelda is normal even on the original hardware.

but its great to be able to play any game i want on it now. i have spyro 1 and spiderman on it now, and im looking to put metal gear solid 1 on it tomorrow.

i showed a few of my friends what my psp can do now and they asked me to downgrade theirs as well.

sorry about not being able to draw graphics for a while, gm. the holidays have been hectic, and my comp's filled with bugs already. i dunno what happened. i put on some anti spyware, antivirus, etc crap that a friend said was good, but none of it worked right. the programs i had on it b4 it crashed worked pretty good, but they were free then. i just cant let myself buy a crapload of programs for this one when i should be getting the new one within the next couple months. i just hope there are no more delays...