1. D

    Help with the Kero Blaster page on TCRF

    ALL HANDS ON DECK! So, this is the page for Kero Blaster on TCRF. As you can plainly see, it's in a very sorry state. The article is missing many pieces of unused content that have been known about on here for years. Additionally, now that we have patches to generate older versions of Kero...
  2. Training Sector Warp (Pre-Release).png

    Training Sector Warp (Pre-Release).png

    The beta version of the Training Sector Warp icons. They were replaced because I found them ugly and was no longer satisfied with them. And yes, the Hub icon still remains used even in the final version of Gun v1.
  3. AcedicDart

    Unused Button graphics

    So, these are old ass news, but after my quick search I think no one has mentioned them yet, so I figured it's okay to post. These graphics were found in switch version of Cave Story+, and show button images for PS4, Xbox One, Wii U and Switch itself, obviously. Switch ones are used on the title...
  4. zxin

    Unused Content Compendium

    [WORK IN PROGRESS...] This is a compendium of all the unused content and assets in Cave Story. This compendium uses both the AGTP translation and the original version of Cave Story as references. Any contributions to speed up the completion of this compendium are welcomed, mostly regarding...