1. LysisLyrics

    E P I C Hell (Sanctuary) speed run 1;24;1 (60 fps patch) (new world record????) :awesomeface:

    greetings:koron::critter: fellow j e n k a b a d d r e a m gamers. :hoppy::toroko2::pignon2::orangebell::momo::debug: so there i was :cool::(getting the secret fourth ending:rolleyes::awesomeface::p from HaydenStudio's :awesomeface:guide, and all of a su:mrgreen:dden BAM :greydroll::toroko: i...
  2. SuxMenner

    Don't Mystery Me (Reskin Mod)

    Don't Mystery Me (DMM) is a mod about the cool gaming gamer Undertale™ gaming hit of 2015 but now with the cool gaming gamer fanbase of Undertale including new cool songs and story haha hehe hoho :) trust it's very good mod my mommy™ said so...
  3. Prologue-9

    SoundFont's CS Experiments

    My little brother does music stuff and I got him to make a remix containing a couple assorted songs from Cave Story and Undertale, here. He doesn't do message boards so he told me it'd be cool to just post it here to try and get some feedback. So, feedback's appreciated. [EDIT] Figured we'll...
  4. xandermartin98

    What are some of your favorite CaveStory/UnderTale crack shippings? (NSFW examples allowed)

    Now, over the years, video games have certainly had a lot of strange and bizarre shippings, but Cave Story and Undertale in particular have had some really weird ones. For example: [Undertale shippings] Anything involving Gaster (he doesn't even exist) Alphys X Amalgamates (okay, seriously now...
  5. TF2Charmander

    Some Idiot Thinks Cave Story Copied Undertale

    As you know, Cave Story came out in 2004 and Undertale came out in 2015 But some idiot thought cave story copied undertale https://www.change.org/p/make-cave-story-acknowledge-that-it-copied-undertale