1. Dabaski

    Modding Tutorials

    Videos that I randomly did teaching one how to mod cavestory. It may not deal with ASM hacking, but it starts you off with simple things.
  2. EnlightenedOne

    Using OOB TSC flags to exploit memory

    Hey, so I've always been telling myself that after I'm done with modding I'll post these, but since: 1. I don't know when that will be. 2. I have a habit of randomly disconnecting from this place, never intending to come back. 3. It ain't doing any favors and is kinda selfish I guess? 4. The...
  3. Leo40Story

    How to change the Version popup text

    I'm pretty sure no one wanted this, but screw it, I'm making it. It's actually pretty simple to change this. Open up your favorite hex editor. Open up your CS mod executable. Go to address 8C2BC. If you haven't modified it already, you should see this string: version.%d.%d.%d.%d 2004/12/20 -...
  4. Leo40Story

    How 2 Mod: Cave Story

    NOTICE: I AM NOT WORKING ON THIS ANYMORE. Welcome! I present to you How 2 Mod: Cave Story, a tutorial on how to mod Cave Story... in the form of a Cave Story mod! This mod will describe every step of how to mod, from setting up to distributing your hard work! Note: This mod will not teach you...