1. J

    Complete Finnish Translation

    100% Complete Finnish translation, including the manuals and such. Its the freeware version based on the Aeon Genesis English translation. 100% Valmis Suomikäännös, manuaalit yms on myös käännetty. Tämä perustuu ilmaisversioon ja Aeon Genesiksen Englantikäännökseen. Download/Lataa Enjoy...
  2. Horjaaf

    Translating to Finnish using Booster's Lab, apparently Courier New doesn't have special characters?

    I need to use the Ä and Ö letters in my translation, but they're displayed in-game as a jumbled mess, even though Courier New should certainly have those characters. To put it simply, how do I fix this?
  3. Cello2WC

    Guxt in English

    Hello, I've never made a post on these forums before, so please excuse me if I'm doing something wrong. I don't think anyone's done this yet? I tried to look for something like this but I couldn't find anything. If this was already done, then I apologize. I decided to try and make an English...