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Oct 14, 2019 at 11:14 PM
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Hello, I've never made a post on these forums before, so please excuse me if I'm doing something wrong.
I don't think anyone's done this yet? I tried to look for something like this but I couldn't find anything. If this was already done, then I apologize.

I decided to try and make an English translation of Guxt. I don't know very much about Japanese, so a lot of the translating was done with the help of Google Translate and Jisho.

I translated all of the text in the game that wasn't already in English (I think, at least. I didn't make any edits to the executable, just the image files).
I also translated the game's manual, in case anyone wants to look at that. It's pretty basic; just the usual controls, items, troubleshooting, etc. None of the manual's images were changed, maybe I'll make a second version for that.

Since that wasn't all that much text, I also included the English translation of the afterword by Shih Tzu that was already available on this site, as well as the game's soundtrack with a translated readme which I think was the longest block of text in this whole thing. It has some comments from Pixel about each of the songs except for the credits and secret boss themes. If there are translation errors, they are in that readme file.

The biggest block of text in the game itself was the credits at the end with all of the enemy names. Since all of that is at the end of the game, I'll put a list of enemy names in a spoiler here for people to see and correct if any of them are wrong.

An asterisk has been placed next to enemy names that I think may have been mistranslated.
  • Hanger (ハンガー)
  • Soddy (ソディ)
  • Climber (クライマー)
  • Kagome (カゴメ)
  • Wing (ウイング)
  • Rockhugger (ロックハガー)
  • Eluka (エルーカ)
  • Space Amoeba (うちゅうアメーバ)
  • Auto Guxt* (ガストほうだい)
  • Slider (スライダー)
  • Cat's Eye (キャッツアイ)
  • Chester (チェスター)
  • Gimmick (ギミック)
  • War Guxt* (ガストせん)
  • Medusa (メドューサ)
  • Revenge Guxt* (ガストきらい)
  • Blendy (ブレンディ)
  • Cycloid (サイクロイド)
  • Square (スクエアー)
  • Missile Bot (ミサイルボット)
  • Sand Stamper (サンドスタンパー)
  • Boss Wing (ボスウイング)
  • Missile Terror (ミサイルテーラー)
  • Threeholes (スリーホールズ)
  • Octopus (オクトパス)
  • Gustave* (ガスターブ)
  • Ogdobuz (オグドバズ)
As far as I know, the final boss's name is Gustave. I think it's a pun on Gust/Guxt. Should I have spelled it Guxtave?


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Oct 15, 2019 at 9:37 AM
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Hey, pretty cool. I had already played the game before but was unable to get into it unfortunately.
Google Translate
Oh god, do NOT use Google Translate please!!
Anyway, I haven't looked at the translation in the "readme" but I noticed that the title uses the katakana characters GA, SU and TO so shouldn't the game be called Gust instead? Then again, I might be mistaken since I don't know much about Japanese either.