1. dan_crim

    Arthur's Easter eggs

    arthur's house Easter eggs
  2. Willow

    Quote has a built in music player.

    This thread has spoilers for Cave Story plot if you still haven't played it. Not only does he have supreme taste, but also has the respect to turn it off certain cutscenes. Also you could say that he gets more dynamic with turning it on and off as the game progresses, mostly to show that he...
  3. AlmaHexie

    What was the Story of Cave Story Beta

    I saw the Gameplay at the game conv with the traduction and I asked''What was the story of Cave story Beta'' I thinks the story is that the mimiga,farmer of flowers. Are being kidnapped and givin to eat at Poo Restaurant The robot named Curly Brace would have been originaly created by a old...
  4. nobody in particular

    Kero Blaster - The Story You Never Knew *Spoiler warning*

    This is probably the only reason why I even made a Cave story forums account. I played Cave Story first through steam because of it's reputation for being of one of the greatest indie games and I admit, liked the game play but the story for me on the other hand is kinda...meh...but that's for...