1. Blu_09

    Blood Eclipse

    Here’s something that'll scare the pants off you this Halloween... The legend of the Blood Eclipse has been lost to time, and no one foresaw its return. It is the unholy fusion of a blood moon and a solar eclipse, signaling the arrival of the vilest creatures from hell and its dreaded curse...
  2. Total Apex of the Heart

    Total Apex of the Heart

    There's so much classically cute Gardevoir fanart out there that it doesn't take very many spooky elements to make something stand out. This one has a few such elements, and I really like that it balances the tone so as not to make it overbearing. The spiky, bursting horns are a great touch. :D
  3. Faerie Fire

    Faerie Fire

    A gorgeous rendition of a sprite fusion with Mismagius and Chandelure, other favorites of mine (linked in this image's source). The coloring's quite fantastic, and I really like how the design blends artificial/imposing elements with cute features. Again, just like its three constituents. :3
  4. Seraph


    I may be a few days late due to a college paper kicking my butt, but surely you can feel /THE SPOOK/ no matter what point in time you're in. This is quite an interesting design, apparently inspired by the weirder descriptions of angels with wings covered in eyes or shaped in burning rings or...
  5. Embrace of Undeath

    Embrace of Undeath

    The weird handkerchief headband is an old Japanese burial rite, which apparently went out of practice quite a while ago but is nonetheless associated with ghosts. The more you know!
  6. The Remnant

    The Remnant

    I'd be fine with this picture, but I am not a fan of lips. Still, it's drawn really well so yeah!