1. alula

    doukutsu-rs - a remake of Cave Story engine written in Rust

    doukutsu-rs is a thing I spent last 3 months of my free time on, since I was quite active around CSMC and decided to learn Rust... The current goal of the project is to build a Cave Story engine that lets you build portable mods (via Lua API, instead of hacking the executable or engine sources)...
  2. SuIsmissing.png


    Cave Story Beta Anniversary project. 2022.
  3. Scrambles

    Ikachan HD (Full Release)

    An unofficial remake for Studio Pixel's Ikachan. You are a squid who wakes up in an underwater cave, and as you explore you find a community of urchins cut off from the rest of the open sea caused by destructive earthquakes! Everyone must carry a pearl around to signify their obedience to...
  4. Riyan

    Ikachan+ - A remastered version of Pixel's Ikachan (WIP)

    Hello everybody! A week ago I started working on a small project because I have a lot of spare time. My goal is to remake Ikachan from scratch with: Upgraded graphics (will still include the original graphics), Remastered soundtrack (will still include the original soundtrack too), (Maybe)...
  5. Scrambles

    Complete Remake: Ikachan HD

    Coming soon
  6. The Arnozi

    Cave Story Classic Remastering Sugestions ~The Arnozi~

    I am kinda making Cave Story look better, with more detailed worlds, Art, Amount of colors and resolution<<Current Version I need some feed back on what you guys think could use more improvement in general. Iv'e...
  7. rysoriginal

    Cave Story android version (BETA) + download link

    So yeah, this is a new thread for "Cave Story android" This game is a remake of Cave Story in libgdx gaming system, this means that maybe one day i could even release it on IOS aswell... Anyway the last ported version was about the version 0.5 BETA 3, now it's currently on version 1.0 BETA 5...