1. kappu

    (RELEASE) Cave Story Caffeinated - fully playable, pure Java port of Cave Story

    Cave Story Caffeinated (a pun on java of course) Cave Story Caffeinated is my attempt at making a faithful cross-platform port (written in Java) of the original version by Pixel. The port is 100% pure Java and does not rely on external dependencies or natives, so it should run on any platform...
  2. GreenDev / Cucky

    Cave Story N64

    The title says it all. It's a port of Cave Story to the Nintendo 64. 16K EEPROM is required for game saves. Note: This project is confirmed to work on N64 hardware. However, it has issues running on Project64 specifically. Don't use Project64 until they fix their R4300i emulation, I guess...
  3. CurlySusan

    Cave Story GBC in the works!

    You thought it couldn't be done... This absolute madman is currently working on Cave story for gameboy color. Please send love his way! This opens doors to the DS/GBA port being completed.
  4. AlmaHexie

    Is the DSI Port of Cave Story lost forever ?

    Maybe with homebrew stuff,you can,buuuuuuuut im not sure
  5. Q*Bert Reynolds

    Looping vs Non-Looping music in TSC files

    I've been rewriting Cave Story with Unity3D, and I've run into a slight dilemma parsing TSC files. "<CMU" cues music to play, but some songs loop and others don't. Is there a way to tell the difference? Is it contextual (ie. if you just received an item, it's not looped), or are individual songs...
  6. ✨Sue_Sakamoto✨

    Cave Story on Xbox 360.

    I wonder... There are so many different ports of Cave Story that I think, by now, somebody has to have thought of an Xbox 360 port. Meh. Idunno. I'm no coding expert and I know full well that I couldn't port anything over if I tried. You guys are smart. Look into usb loading for the Xbox 360...
  7. rysoriginal

    Cave Story android version (Doukutsu Demo android) + download link

    So yeah i was making a Cave Story camera game for android that allows the player to choose a map from a list and run some smaller events like "textboxes" when an entity is touched or some other events as Curly's killer robot event in the core's chamber, well it's just a map and event viwer...