modding help

  1. Tempmarrow

    Which Cave Story modding software should I use?

    Hey, I really wanna go into modding but I don't really know which software for modding Cave Story is the best one, for me the best one would be more features or maybe a beginner friendly modding software. Any tips on which one?
  2. appleburger4

    Character modding question

    how do i get cave editor or something along the lines on mac?
  3. Mr.Monotone

    Characters phasing through floor.

    Help, when I'm making a map, first few playthroughs, the character walks fine, but later, they fall through the floor! Help me.

    Cse2 non-latin text glitch (hel p plz)

    Russian text looks kinda sus incorrect in cse2 (tscextended). Please hel p me
  5. gereffjeff

    How to mod cave story +

    I got a mod and I want to know how to use plus porter and then actually make the mod work when I boot up the game. also I use epic games version.
  6. Johnny Redwick

    Anyway to get the intro in Cave Story to be longer?

    I've been working on a mod for quite a while now and I've been trying to get the intro to cave story to be longer, (By the intro I mean when you start up the game and it shows the doctor grabbing the crown). Is there any way for anyway for the intro in Cave Story to be longer?
  7. haydn_fangirl

    Fun stuff to replace weapons

    So for my first mod I'm making a simple one where you get the Blade and only the Blade for the entire game (yes, it'll be op in the beginning, but isn't curbstomping fun when you're on the giving end? Just kidding I plan on changing the earlier levels to be harder (if I decide I do want to take...