1. Shining Ame Award

    Shining Ame Award

    This is the other trophy that I received. It has a gold shine because I was voted in unanimously, and I don't really have words for an honor like that. <3 ...since then, I haven't been good to certain people. Ralren and S.P Gardebiter, to whom I held irrational grudges. Shane, who I felt lied...
  2. Ame Award

    Ame Award

    Speaking of Doors, he's the one who drew this really nice trophy for the 2014 Kanpachis! (Which cover 2013, hence my eligibility for this award.) It was very, very kind and made my whole year. <3 I never did stop to ask what promise the voters saw in me. Only a few flaws have emerged since...
  3. Pomfy


    Once upon a Skype chat, notable patron of adorable draws Pomfy granted me a super cute and super well designed pony version of Gardevoir! Being a unicorn makes sense given the magic and all that jazz, but I certainly won't complain about it being granted alicorn status. :3 Pomfy is in the...
  4. Hina


    A long time ago, Hina gave Gardevoir the Notebook Treatment, since she conceded to draw something for the gallery. And it still looks nice, thank you! ^.^ Like ElecMaw's gift, this was originally a part of the Grand Gallery of Gardevoir. It deserves Special attention, though. c:
  5. ElecMaw


    More gift art! In this case, a little birthday present made for me by another old friend, ElecMaw. Thanks! :D As he's both prolific and nice, there's actually a lot of art by him featuring myself (depicted as a Gardevoir, of course) for several increasingly cute occasions. I'm not sure if I...
  6. WD


    This is a piece of lovely gift art from one of the first friends I met here, WD. As the picture suggests, it was a Christmas gift for 2014! (It's the beginning of 2016 and that still feels like a long time ago - 2015 was a long and hard fought year.) She's been very kind to me, and I don't...