1. YoshiPilot

    A new category for Kero Blaster boss rush

    Was recently going for the High scores page, and saw that the WR uses a weapon not included in the iOS version: In fact it's used to completely skip the truck boss. So, I propose a NEW category for the iOS version of the game. In fact, I have my own for you to use: Yeah, it kinda sucks, it's...
  2. Random-storykeeper

    Leap Day

    Arright yes this is another Nitrome thread. But given the last one I made was over a year ago, I'm not sure if a nonspecific Nitrome thread would be needed, just saying. ZiMvFU0pgg0 Anyways, this game here - Leap Day - is both level based and endless, in a sense. The game gives you a new level...