gun v2

  1. Taboo-Me (Pre-Release).png

    Taboo-Me (Pre-Release).png

    Taboo-Me was originally just going to be a bigger version of Taboo-Oh before I decided that the Taboo would have an "evolution" theme to their design. In the final version of Gun v2, Taboo-Me has a more humanoid design with tendrils at the back.
  2. Diamond Dog Portraits (Pre-Release).png

    Diamond Dog Portraits (Pre-Release).png

    Both bosses had dialogue portraits that were changed in the final version of Gun v2 after the boss was redesigned. In the final version, the Diamond Dogs have 4 dialogue portraits. The first 3 for the Diamond Dogs and one for their Fusion Form.
  3. Diamond Dog Yellow (Pre-Release).png

    Diamond Dog Yellow (Pre-Release).png

    Much like his fellow Diamond Dog, DD Yellow had a set of sprites which would've implied that both dogs took a lot of damage after Phase 1 hence the wires and broken crystal. They were replaced with much better looking sprites in the final version of Gun v2.
  4. Diamond Dog Red (Pre-Release).png

    Diamond Dog Red (Pre-Release).png

    The sprites that were used for Diamond Dog Red before I changed them to be less ugly. Both bosses were supposed to have wires jutting out of their heads with sparks coming out. This was changed because I couldn't make them fit properly (both Diamond Dogs use Balrog's A.I during Phase 2).
  5. King (2.0)


    Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Mambo no.5 Gun. My first mod which I've been working hard on. The basic premise is that you play as Gunnoid-0 and you venture into Mechanto Isle's Colour Sectors to train yourself up to fight the War Machine. But will your training prove meaningful or meaningless...