gun v1

  1. Training Sector Warp (Pre-Release).png

    Training Sector Warp (Pre-Release).png

    The beta version of the Training Sector Warp icons. They were replaced because I found them ugly and was no longer satisfied with them. And yes, the Hub icon still remains used even in the final version of Gun v1.
  2. Taboo-Oh (Pre Release).png

    Taboo-Oh (Pre Release).png

    One of the EX Bosses in Gun. Started out as a Core redesign after my idea for the Core (with Ironhead's A.I) didn't pan out. Turns out the design didn't adhere to limitations so it had to be replaced as well.
  3. NpcDrone (Pre-Release).png

    NpcDrone (Pre-Release).png

    An earlier version of the Drone enemies that appear in Sector Blue and Sector Red. They were changed because as it turned out, enemy positions in the spritesheets are hard coded. In other words, I had to get creative with the spritesheets in-game.
  4. King (2.0)


    Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Mambo no.5 Gun. My first mod which I've been working hard on. The basic premise is that you play as Gunnoid-0 and you venture into Mechanto Isle's Colour Sectors to train yourself up to fight the War Machine. But will your training prove meaningful or meaningless...
  5. Teleporter Surprise

    Teleporter Surprise

    Here's a thing to know: The Teleporter's event number is #22, which is what I had. So I check it and to my surprise, it played the Item Get jingle. So I check the menu to see what I got and it was a Missile Launcher. Huh, Cave Story Modding can be quite bizarre. EDIT: Setting it so that "Run...
  6. Killer Bed

    Killer Bed

    Here's a thing to know: The bed's proper event number is #19. I had it at 34 with "interactable" on, so when I interacted with the bed, it killed me. When that happened, I laughed probably due to how bizarre it was. Man, Cave Story sure is bizarre.
  7. OuterWall Warp Glitch

    OuterWall Warp Glitch

    So I booted up my mod because I wanted to show you all a misunderstanding I created (the HP bar), and this happened. It's strange because normally the game's warped me out of the Hub into EggRoom 0. So I test the area and then fall into a pit. It gives the usual "You were never seen again"...
  8. EggRoom0 Warp Glitch.png

    EggRoom0 Warp Glitch.png

    So this happened. When the game loads up, it takes me out of Level 0: Hub and warps in this area. My character's sprites are glitched, so I'm dealing with that.