1. TheSocialDalek

    Other Website Formats

    We have a simple and basic forum on the regular net, but wouldn't it be cool if it were on another website format such as ZeroNet, or TorBrowser? Please give feedback on this idea.
  2. IdioticBaka1824

    Happy 11th Birthday, CSTSF!

    The title says it all, really, but I'd like to wish the tribute site forums a happy birthday. March 13th, if I remember correctly? Also a big thank you to all the members here, who make this place so great and supportive and informative. I really don't know how to (or whether to) expand on or...
  3. LazyLizard39

    Custom fonts

    Hi everyone. I was going to make my first thread just now, and I went into the "Font Family" section on the bar on top of the thread you're writing, and I noticed the small number of fonts there were. I was wondering if we could have the ability to add our own fonts to the thread bar, like we...
  4. JetHawk95

    What Forum Style Do You Use?

    Does anyone still use the old default Miraigamer Style. I still do, Got it as default...