first mod

  1. Full-length_Olivie

    CS - Olivie's Remapped Edition!

    Are you tired of going through the same floating island? Tired of having items that doesn't have any porpuse? Then this mod is right for you! * - . - About this mod - . - * This mod is focused on making the original island in a Fresh and Difficult experience! The island is full of monster...
  2. iIfireIi

    Organisational thinking | Organya viewer Google (badly) translated

    I decided to Google translate Organya Viewer Simply picking all text in the program, and translating them from 20 to 100 times to different languages then translating them back to Engrish, which leads to funny results.
  3. TUgly

    My first mod!!11 (and folder mods then i make an mod)

    so I see the n0xid video (how to mod cave story) sorry I don't know the title my brain is bad. and I see make a mod I don't know how to mod cave story and I say to leo40story (how to mod cave story) I some things. and he recommended this video I see the part 1 & 2 say me:Thread Spam (because...