egg corridor

  1. SilSinn9801

    Mischievous Robot (PC-9801 Version)

    Made in PMD98 Music Macro Language to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Windows original. Higher-quality version can be found on Nico Nico. I submitted this for consideration to an ongoing Cave Story 15th-anniv. collaboration album project coordinated by music producer Gamma Reflector...
  2. EggRoom0 Warp Glitch.png

    EggRoom0 Warp Glitch.png

    So this happened. When the game loads up, it takes me out of Level 0: Hub and warps in this area. My character's sprites are glitched, so I'm dealing with that.
  3. Flake

    Egg Corridor Challenge

    My problem with this mod is that it's a little too...basic. For instance I have no idea what your potential is since there is nothing new in terms of gameplay.