egg corridor

  1. SilSinn9801

    Mischievous Robot (PC-9801 Version)

    Made in PMD98 Music Macro Language to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Windows original. Higher-quality version can be found on Nico Nico. I submitted this for consideration to an ongoing Cave Story 15th-anniv. collaboration album project coordinated by music producer Gamma Reflector...
  2. EggRoom0 Warp Glitch.png

    EggRoom0 Warp Glitch.png

    So this happened. When the game loads up, it takes me out of Level 0: Hub and warps in this area. My character's sprites are glitched, so I'm dealing with that.
  3. TheRealFinish

    Egg Corridor Challenge

    Hello everyone. I present to you, the Egg Corridor Challenge. This is my very first mod, so there will probably be lots of bugs and glitches. In this challenge, you have the starting weapons, the Polar Star and the Missile Launcher. You obtain the Missile Launcher later on, but I decided to...