convert .org

  1. Dr_Glaucous

    MIDI to ORG conversion tools

    I've recently developed a set of tools to effectively convert MIDI files into ORG files. Some time ago, I stumbled upon this post made back in 2012 about a tool that was designed to make this conversion. Unfortunately, that tool was quite cumbersome to use, and in the end, did not produce a...
  2. OmegaFoxie

    [Obsolete, please delete] Drag & Drop Script for Org2XM v1.0

    Update: Edited the title so it's atleast 75% less vague. This is for people that want a proper and easy way to convert your .org files to .xm modules. If you just wanna convert your tracks straight to .wav I recommend you to use the Foobar2000 component. More specifically, Org2XM 1.0 (I'll...