cave story beta

  1. Alex Anomaly Indev Screenshot #1 (very early)

    Alex Anomaly Indev Screenshot #1 (very early)

    Yes, Su's going to be in the game.
  2. SuIsmissing.png


    Cave Story Beta Anniversary project. 2022.
  3. PrtCaveBeta.png


    TileSet From Cave Story Beta.
  4. Asper_

    Asper's Cave Story Beta Remake

    (THIS MOD IS NOT FULLY FINISHED) but soon it will change. Edit#1 if you want to change weapons, you must enter your inventory. Edit#2 you can't shoot up and down thats a feature. Welcome everyone, I proudly introduce you. My Beta Remake Cave Story. Amazing Features: -Recreated Weapons. -you...
  5. YoshiPilot

    Cave Story Beta Images

    Was browsing reddit, and found this post on r/cavestory: Thought it was interesting. If we could get some translation of the text, that would be great. Link:洞窟物語のウラガワのウラガワ・過去作品補足編/
  6. Milon Luxy

    Cave Story ~ Beta Graphics Mod

    Well, first things first. When I discovered that Cave Story existed a beta, I was impressed with the information, and I was thinking about what the graphics, music and some other things in the beta would look like on the final version together. Growing bored, I decided to redesign the graphics...